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A Curated Travel Guide to Ningxia, China

Ningxia (宁夏) may be covered by vast stretches of desert but it is also home to China’s most promising wine region. Along the foothills of Helan Mountain 贺兰山, neat rows of vineyards flourish on sandy terroir and plenty of sunshine. Most of Ningxia estates are growing red varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Gernischt and Merlot. After all, a bottle of Ningxia red pairs deliciously with the region’s signature lamb cuisine. I took a trip to Ningxia this September with a couple of friends that love wine & wanted to explore somewhere off the beaten track. Having visited most corners of Shanghai’s concrete jungle, we were all getting the travel itch. Thankfully, our friend A took the initiative to plan a 5-day getaway to Ningxia which included wine tasting, desert glamping & trying out local cuisine. Perhaps the highlight of the trip was our time spent in Tengger Dessert, which is on the border of Ningxia and adjacent to Gobi Desert. Named after the beautiful Mongolian word for “sky,” Tengger Desert is a sight to …

Discovering Tokyo’s Trendy Wine and Dine Scene: L’AS ラス

L’AS ラス is a gem of a restaurant in the quiet backstreets of Minami-Aoyama. Boasting a diverse wine list and creative Franco-Japanese menu, L’AS is an absolute must-visit with its fresh ingredients and stunning flavors. My friend Mizuha and I dined there on a Sunday night and the restaurant was buzzing with energy. The animated chatter of diners enjoying their wine pairings pleasantly echoed throughout the restaurant. After the first couple sips of wine and bites of my caramel foie gras sandwich (it tastes just as phenomenal as it sounds), I wish I discovered L’AS earlier. Highlights of our meal include the crab miso with potato purée and the roasted duck with figs. Definitely start the night off with some champagne, sit back, and enjoy the culinary adventure created by Chef Owner, Daisuke Kaneko. At L’AS there is only the omakase menu but every so often it is changed to accommodate new seasonal ingredients and recipes. As we visited in September, we were excited to find traces of late-summer and early-fall ingredients in all our dishes–cherry, fig, pumpkin, etc. For my fellow wine drinkers, I highly recommend getting the wine pairing to go with each course …

Good friends, good tea, and some lovely scones: that is the ideal life

This past weekend, Talia, one of my best friends & partner in crime I regularly kidnap for brunch, turned 21! To be able to celebrate with Talia and all our friends we’ve met in London was really a fabulous time. Afternoon teas have been a highlight of our time in London and Bake-a-Boo is probably Talia and I’s favorite. Not only do they provide Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free options, the shop itself is everything girls love: pastel colors, gorgeous tea sets, and endless choices of fairy cupcakes.