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A taste of Tokyo’s original katsu-sando at Bairin Ginza

If you are craving an authentic tonkatsu sandwich in Japan, make your way to Ginza Bairin 銀座梅林 to try Tokyo’s first tonkatsu specialty store. Tonkatsu sandwiches, nicknamed katsu-sando, are fluffy sandwiches stuffed with a juicy cut of fried pork. Different stores drizzle different sauces in the sandwich and at Ginza Bairin, the sauce has a subtle sweetness to it with hints of a tart mustard. Simple is best My friend Maggie & I were shopping in Ginza one day when we decided to grab a light lunch. Having tried Maisen in Omotesando and Tonki in Meguro (both great tonkatsu stores!), we were suddenly craving… a tonktasu sandwich. Founded in 1927, Ginza Bairin is a classic among Japanese locals. The lunch sets are great value for money and the storefront, despite being in the heart of Ginza, is casual and welcoming. We dined with a lot of locals there on their lunch breaks and enjoyed the light chatter around us. I’m a bit picky with my katsu-sando and find that they are often over-powered by their sweet sauces. But …

The irresistible draw of Tonkatsu magic at Tonki とんき

When in Tokyo, you can be easily spoiled by phenomenal sushi or delicious sukiyaki but the ultimate Japanese comfort food is definitely Tonkatsu, Japanese-style breaded, deep-fried pork cutlets. These juicy cutlets are pieces of fried heaven Tonki, a 75 year old establishment in Meguro, Tokyo, specialise in. Serving either hire (fillet, lean cut) or rosu (pork loin, fatter cut) Tonkatsu, Tonki is a proud no-frills establishment that has a never ending line of regulars and passersby that are drawn to the irresistible smell of its slow-fried Tonkatsu. It’s hard to resist Tonkatsu, especially when Tonki’s slow-fried process means each bite of its Tonkatsu doesn’t leave that oily after taste and only makes you want to smother it in more Tonkatsu sauce (a thicker and sweeter version of Worcestershire sauce). My good friend Cyrus, a French foodie I met in LSE (remember our post-Japanese class Thai nights?), had found raving reviews of Tonki so naturally, we decided a dinner rendezvous in Meguro was must.