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Breakfast at the New Sushi Dai in Toyosu Market

Having previously enjoyed Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Market years ago, I decided to go check out the new Toyosu Market and grab an early breakfast there. For those that haven’t been, Toyosu Market 豊洲市場 is the upgraded and sleeker version of the ‘inner’ Tsukji Fish Market. Visitors now look from viewing decks to see the wholesale market and famous tuna auctions. This means less hustle and bustle in Toyosu Market, with visitors directed one way and wholesalers+buyers another way. Toyosu Market may be cleaner and air-conditioned but it is definitely less charming than the beloved Tsukiji Fish Market. That being said, the Market is still home to quite a lot of popular Japanese restaurants that made the move from Tsukiji Market. Keeping to tradition, they open bright and early (5am onwards!). So a fish market tour followed by a hearty breakfast is still a good itinerary for first time visitors. Restaurants are scattered around Toyosu Market but a good place to start is Block 6 Intermediate Seafood Wholesale Market. This is where Sushi Dai and Uogashi …

A Classic Sushi Omakase in Tokyo: Sushi Fujimori 藤森

Tokyo is home to some of Japan’s finest sushi, everything from fish market sushi bars to Michelin star establishments. According to Japanese locals, the key is to find the right spot with the right environment you’re looking for. Previously, I have already raved about Umegaoka Sushi and Sushi Matsue, both sushi bars in Tokyo I frequent. But for a more upscale omakase dinner, I recently discovered Sushi Fujimori–a laidback yet classy spot in Nishi-Azabu. While Sushi Fujimori is more proper than your average sushi bar, the restaurant is cosy with a nice selection of wine and sake for you to unwind with. Chef Fujimori and his wife Noriko-san are attentive and put a lot of effort into making their diners feel at ease. A 10 minute walk from Roppongi Station, Sushi Fujimori offers their dinner omakase menu for 24000 yen (~215 USD). The omakase includes nigiri sushi, seasonal sashimi and a nice assortment of side dishes. A sushi bar to unwind and relax in I visited Sushi Fujimori with my friend Maggie and we started the night off with a sake “well-suited for …

Sushi Dai 寿司大 at Tsukiji Fish Market

Sukiyabashi Jiro might be the ultimate sushi master, but if you can wake up amazingly early in Tokyo and make your way to Tsukiji Fish Market, you’ll find yourself lost in the buzzing excitement of the world’s largest seafood market. I’ve had such amazing sushi in Tokyo but Sushi Dai, located in the busy lanes of Tsukiji Fish Market, is one of a kind (and yes, this is where Jiro and other renowned sushi chefs come to select their fresh fish!) Lines can stretch up to 5 hours, so bring some entertainment or simply come to enjoy the good company you’ll meet–I’ve truly met the most interesting and international people in line before. After all, as Julia Child so wisely reminds us, “people who love to eat are always the best people.”

Phenomenal Sushi at Tokyo’s Umegaoka Sushi-no Midori 梅丘寿司の美登利

If you’re in Tokyo, queuing at 4am for Tsukiji Fish Market’s iconic Sushi Daiwa should definitely be on your bucket list. That being said, if you want to sneak a couple more hours of sleep in, Umegaoka Sushi-no Midori is the delicious alternative you should head to instead. It definitely was one of the freshest and best price-quality sushi I’ve had in Tokyo–and yes, I’ve queued for Sushi Daiwa at wee hours of the morning! With multiple branches in Tokyo, Umegaoka Sushi-no Midori’s Shibuya branch is on the 4th floor of Shibuya Mark City. During peak hours and weekends, queues can go up to 90 minutes so come early on a weekday to grab a bar seat–this way, you’ll see up-close some sushi magic being made! I ordered the Ultimate Sushi Assortment and my friend the Maguro Assortment (different cuts of tuna)–both of which I highly recommend. But if you don’t like some of the more adventurous ingredients like uni (sea urchin) or ikura (salmon roe), opt for the Maguro Assortment and just savor how each bite of raw tuna+sushi rice can be so phenomenal.