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Alice’s Tea Cup: “it’s always tea-time”

Alice’s Tea Cup is not too far from the magical world Alice stepped into. With a wide selection of finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones, and mixed teas, this cosy tearoom is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. My brief stop in New York–before visiting my family for Thanksgiving Break–consisted of a satisfying brunch at Friedman’s, a great spot for homemade comfort food, followed by high tea at Alice’s Tea Cup. I met up with one of my classmates from university who is in the process of finishing her dissertation. Now, when I say classmate, I mean more of an older sister I look up to. In the year and a half I was gone in London, she got married to a wonderful guy and gave birth to the most precious baby girl. I was ecstatic to meet her family so where better to have a reunion than over high tea? I loved all the Alice in Wonderland-themed tea sets at Alice’s Tea Cup. Between The Nibble “a lil bit hungry?”, The Mad Hatter “hungry?”, and The Jabberwocky “famished?”, we ended up getting …

Good friends, good tea, and some lovely scones: that is the ideal life

This past weekend, Talia, one of my best friends & partner in crime I regularly kidnap for brunch, turned 21! To be able to celebrate with Talia and all our friends we’ve met in London was really a fabulous time. Afternoon teas have been a highlight of our time in London and Bake-a-Boo is probably Talia and I’s favorite. Not only do they provide Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free options, the shop itself is everything girls love: pastel colors, gorgeous tea sets, and endless choices of fairy cupcakes.