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Seasonal Vegetarian Fine Dining at Fu He Hui 福和慧

Michelin-starred 福和慧 Fu He Hui is a gem in Shanghai’s fine dining scene. For lunch and dinner, you can select from four different vegetarian prix fixe menus (ranging 380RMB-780RMB), including a seasonal special. For first timers, I would recommend trying the ‘classic’ Fu He Hui menu. From decor to food, Fu He Hui is a gourmand’s oasis in the center of Shanghai city. Come with the expectation that you’ll pay a premium for your meal and prepared to be impressed. *I dined with a party of 4 so the below pictures are a mix of the classic 780 RMB menu and the 580 RMB menu. My dream plate of amuse-bouches. Left is 百叶包, a tofu pouch full of 马兰头, a really fragrant vegetable known as Indian Kalimeris. In the middle is 糖醋“排骨”, classic sweet and sour “pork.” In this case, pork was substituted with king oyster mushrooms wrapped around burdock roots. Lastly, on the right is marinated tofu shaped into a traditional bottle gourd shape. I adored this soup, the consommé had really deep flavors and was an absolute feast for the eyes. Look at …

Somtum Der: Isan Thai in New York City

Isan Thai Food Nestled in NYC’s East Village From the Northeastern part of Thailand, Isan Thai food is distinctly different from its sweeter central-cuisine cousin (think Pad Thai). For one, it’s SPICY and fiercly so. Isan Thai also serves up copious amounts of sticky rice, Som Tam (papaya salad), and Nam Tok (grilled meat salad). I’ve enjoyed all the trendy Southasian restaurants in New York City recently but Som Tum Der has been the standout in terms of food. Big flavors, filling portions, and phenomenal grilled meats are some of the things I consistently find in my visits. Disclaimer: Som Tum Der received its first Michelin Star in 2016. As you can imagine, people are clamoring to try this place out now that it’s earned a coveted French star. Surprisingly, only one other Thai restaurant in the world has been awarded a Michelin Star (if you’re ever in Copenhagen, go visit Kiin Kiin Thai because I’ve heard raving reviews). So try to get a reservation if you’re going during peak hours–I never had trouble getting a table last summer but these …

Japanese soba noodles with one little french star

そば is Japanese for buckwheat, the main ingredient for Japan’s popularly-eaten soba noodles. Classic cold soba noodles dipped in a slightly sweet soy-broth is the perfect mix for a hot summer day–so now imagine that with a Michelin Star! Amazing right? 玉笑 Tamawarai is a 1 Michelin Star establishment famous for its extremely fresh soba noodles (the chef cuts and boils the noodles after you order!) and seasonal side-dishes. Located in-between the residential neighborhoods of Omotesando and Shibuya, Tamawarai snagged the coveted ‘#1 position for lunch spot’ on Japan’s largest restaurant review website Tabelog. Taking the recommendation of those who have dined there, I ordered two of Tamawarai’s well-reviewed dishes–their popular Yaki-Miso (焼き味噌) and classic Tofu Soba Noodles (豆腐そば)–and prepared to be dazzled.