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7 Reasons Why I’ll Miss London’s Food For Thought

1. ‘Food For Thought’ is an awesome name. I like my #foodforthought instagrams, and I like asking my friends “Want to go get some Food for Thought before class?” 2. I like the people who work there. They’re boisterous and friendly–qualities I truly appreciate. During my year abroad, I think I saw them at least 3 times a week. Maybe 4? 3. There’s a limited dine-in area, so snagging a wooden table with your best friends is a great feeling. It’s always about the little wins in life after all, right? 4. It. Serves. Amazing. Food. Hearty, vegetarian, and never boring. I tell my friends I can go vegetarian… if I got to eat amazing African Peanut Stew, Tamari Stir-fried Vegetables, and Moussaka everyday.   5. The Berry Scrunch deserves a special mention. Seriously. 6. The Gluten Free Strawberry Scones are to die for. Plus, you can also make an awesome ‘cake’ out of it for a gluten-free friend. 7. And lastly, because it’s where my favorite people and I ate in London. I’ll miss you Food for Thought. Can you just not close..? Just some …

2014 in Review: Eating, Traveling, and New Year Resolutions

Goodbye 2014! 2014 was the year I finished my year abroad in London, traveled to Greece and Italy, spent a summer in Tokyo interning for a NGO, and started my last year of University back in Baltimore. I’ve pursued so many of my passions in 2014, it’s surreal this whirlwind of a year is coming to an end. Throughout everything, starting eatprayjade (and buying my coveted camera!) has been a concrete reminder of places I’ve loved, food I enjoyed, and why it’s worth pursuing all your passions–even if it’s the desire to start a food blog! I’ve always believed in the cliche ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ so here’s my 2014 in review through a collage of photographs. Top Moments of my 2014: 1. Turning 21 in London My birthday brunch at Duck and Waffle with girlfriends that made my year in London incredible! Girls that love to brunch are always the best ones right? Check out my fabulous fellow blogger Lilybelle and her blog post on our brunch here.  2. British Afternoon Tea with a Twist Celebrating Talia’s birthday with afternoon tea at Bake-a-Boo …

Duck and Waffle

Duck and Waffle, located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower, boasts an amazing brunch menu and a panoramic view of London. Featuring modern European cuisine, it’s a gorgeous spot to spoil yourself for special occasions. I visited Duck and Waffle with my best girlfriends this past spring to celebrate my birthday and it quickly made its way to one of my top favorite brunch places in London. Its signature dish is like its name–crispy duck leg confit with a fried duck egg, drizzled with mustard maple syrup. Sounds good? It tastes just as good as it sounds! But you really can’t go wrong with anything–from Belgian Waffles to English Breakfast–Duck and Waffle’s seasonal menu is a treat. The elevator that whizzes you up to the 40th floor of Heron Tower feels like part of the dining experience–it’s incredibly fast, and there’s no denying the rush of adrenaline only makes you more excited to eat! Once you stet out, you’ll see coat check up front, with a nice bar area next to the main dining room. It’s easy to drop off your coats, and head straight to …

It will never rain roses

Some days it rains, and everything is dark and gloomy. But I’ve found there’s beauty in that gloominess too. Here are some gorgeous photos of a city I lived in for a year and love even now. Look at this incredibly gallery of London in the rain here. ‘It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.’ – George Elliot  love, eatprayjade x.

Aussie Breakfastin’ at Bills in Omotesando

Bill Granger really knows how to make a delicious breakfast to brighten my morning! Having tried his famous ricotta hotcakes before in Notting Hill’s Granger and Co., I was determined to repeat the delicious experience in Tokyo. But, as all serious Tokyo brunch and breakfast lovers already know, the line for Bills in Tokyo’s posh Omotesando area is notoriously long (up to 3-4 hours!). Located on the 7th floor of Tokyu Plaza, a space-fortress like complex designed by award-winning architect Hiroshi Nakamura, Bills is nestled within the Plaza’s ‘Omohara Forest.’ In other words, breakfasting or brunching at Bills Omotesando is both a delicious and gorgeous experience. So if you want to check out Bill Granger’s Omotesando branch, an early start is a must! My friend Sam, who’s been studying at Sophia University for the past semester, met me bright and early at 9am for this breakfast of champs. And to my not-so-secret delight, we managed to get a table right away. Within minutes of us sitting down, the friendly staff (fluent in both Japanese and English) took our orders and prepared our drinks. Sharing Bills’ famous Full Aussie Breakfast and Ricotta Hotcakes with …

Saying Goodbye to London at the Riding House Café!

Time passes by too fast sometime, and certainly when you are on the adventure of your life in London. Today was my last day in London before flying back to the US, and then afterwards, Asia for the summer. Arriving last September in London, I honestly had no idea the once-in-a-lifetime adventures I would get to embark on. Samantha was the first girl I met in London—the type of girlfriend once you meet, you are comforted by because you are ecstatic to finally have a fabulous new friend to go on this adventure with! Therefore, it only seemed fitting to end London off by going on a last girl date with Samantha doing what we do best: brunchin’. Surprising me, Samantha picked The Riding House Café, a brunch spot that’s been on my list of to-try before I leave London. Walking into the café, the modern-style brasserie was a gorgeous place boasting an abundance of natural sunlight, lovely teal bar-chairs, old-style lamps, and decorative bookshelves. Although we sat in the back lounge where it was slightly more intimate than the front room, I …

Nordic Bakery’s Cinnamon Bun Heaven

It’s my partner in crime Christina’s last day in London and to say goodbye the proper way–from a foodie to another fellow foodie–I thought it’d be appropriate to check off a bakery we’ve been wanting to visit! The Nordic Bakery, a Scandinavian-style cafe that is simplistic both in design and food choice, is an absolutely lovely little find. If you’re craving some sweets–and by that I don’t mean a piece of chocolate–Nordic Bakery has phenomenal Cinnamon Buns. Densely layered, sticky, deliciously sweet, this is every cinnamon and pastry lover’s ideal indulgence. Especially with a nice cup of cappuccino, Nordic Bakery knows how to make the perfect Saturday morning breakfast.

Staying caffeinated at Prufrock Coffee on Leather Lane

My friend Samantha and I took a much-needed caffeine break last week and strolled to London’s famous Leather Lane to tick off one of the few coffee shops left on our London Cafe List: Prufrock Coffee. Considered one of London’s best coffee shops, Prufrock Coffee was opened in 2009 by World Barista Champion Gwilym Rhys Davies. If you’re a true coffee enthusiast, or just love a great cup of award-winning coffee the way we do, don’t miss Prufrock on a gorgeous London day!

Good friends, good tea, and some lovely scones: that is the ideal life

This past weekend, Talia, one of my best friends & partner in crime I regularly kidnap for brunch, turned 21! To be able to celebrate with Talia and all our friends we’ve met in London was really a fabulous time. Afternoon teas have been a highlight of our time in London and Bake-a-Boo is probably Talia and I’s favorite. Not only do they provide Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free options, the shop itself is everything girls love: pastel colors, gorgeous tea sets, and endless choices of fairy cupcakes.

Sweet tooth haven in Covent Garden!

Happy Thursdays! Since being in London, I’ve looked forward to Thursday luncheons with two of my favorite girl friends I’ve met through LSE classes, Michela and Haruka. It’s easy to become instant best friends with girls who 1) share my love for sweets 2) Asian food 3) and on top of that, can speak Chinese and Japanese with me! As we normally have Dim Sum or Japanese food, we decided to change it up and go have Thai food this week. Busaba Eatthai is one of our favorite Thai restaurant chains in London and as always it didn’t disappoint. But the highlight today was afterwards, when we went on a coffee and dessert hunt in Covent Garden. Even though I’ve been in London for nearly a year, Covent Garden–crowded with thousands of tourists and street entertainers–still remains exciting every time I go. Be sure to check out Covent Garden’s outdoor market! Catch it on a sunny day, (or even cloudy like today) and you’ll find lots of stalls packed with people buying fresh sandwiches, cupcakes, paella, etc. …