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Polish Your Brunch Game With These English Muffin Recipes

Hi Readers! I’ve recently become an Editor for SpoonUniversity, a student-led website that “covers everything from the best local restaurants to how to navigate your first kitchen and recover from a hangover, all written by people under 25.” My most recent post was on 7 Awesome New Ways to Eat English Muffins. Need help stepping up your brunch game? On a limited student budget? Check out the post and let me know how the recipes are!   love, eatprayjade x.

Holiday Brunch at Clinton St. Baking Co.

Happy New Years! Top of my 2015 New Years Resolutions List was exploring more popular food spots so in the spirit of that, I squeezed in a holiday brunch with my family at Clinton St. Baking Company recently. This popular Lower East Side shop is known for its delicious blueberry pancakes, Belgian waffles, and brunch overall. I first heard about Clinton St. Baking Company in Tokyo this summer actually. But I also quickly learned that Tokyo’s pancake craze means delicious pancakes only if you can endure enormously long waits–after all, lines can go for hours at this popular brunch spot! But, what girl doesn’t love a delicious stack of pancakes? I seriously appreciate brunch with great pancakes, especially if they fit my golden rule: fluffy on the inside with slightly crispy sides. So this time, despite the hour wait (which was much shorter than the one in Tokyo I’m sure!), I persevered. A new year means renewed strength to wait for good brunch right?                             Hands down, Clinton St. Baking Company is delicious–the …

My brunch love affairs at The Wolseley

I’ve had multiple love affairs at brunch before, but none as gorgeous as The Wolseley’s (yet!). Brunch at the opulent cafe-restaurant right in Piccadilly takes me back to gorgeous Viennese cafes like Cafe Central. The idea that I could have affogato and a croissant for breakfast is just fantastic. Having visited the Wolseley a couple times, I’ve tried their assortment of viennoiseries and it is absolutely phenomenal. Chocolate lovers cannot miss the pain au chocolat or the double chocolate brioche. Every bite makes me feel hugely guilty, but if you love chocolate, it’s heavenly. Paired with the wide selection of coffee, The Wolseley easily offers a light breakfast. Now if you’re looking for a more comprehensive brunch affair, be prepared to make some tough decisions. The Wolseley’s egg benedict is as perfect as it is classic. I’ve been multiple times and they really know how to poach their eggs to perfection. If you’re looking for a more hearty selection, I’d recommend their pancakes. While the pancakes come with blueberries, opt for the less healthy side of crispy bacon …