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The Beauty of Artifact Coffee

Coffee shops are best on Sunday afternoons when you need a space to relax in before the beginning of another week. Artifact Coffee, a spinoff of Baltimore’s widely acclaimed Woodberry Kitchen, is a lovely place to do just that. I visited Artifact Coffee for a late lunch with my friend Sarika and absolutely loved the hipster decorations. With a spacious interior, Artifact Coffee offers freshly baked goods, an interesting mix of coffee drinks (lavender latte anyone?), and a great all day menu. Plus, if you don’t want to sit, they also have island bar tables you can stand and chat at–a reminder of my favorite coffee bars in Italy.

Omotesando Koffee: Coffee in the Backstreets of Tokyo

Update: Unfortunately, the beautiful Omotesando Koffee has closed its location as of December 2016. However, you can visit their Toranomon location! (1-23-3 Toranomon,Minato-ku,Tokyo  2F Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 105-6302 Japan) ————- There’s something really beautiful about a quiet minimalist space, especially when found amidst the busy streets of Tokyo. Add some caffeine to that mix, it’s no wonder that Omotesando Koffee is highly praised by many coffee-enthusiasts. Located in the backstreets of Omotesando, Omotesando Koffee’s unassuming entrance is hard to find , but most definitely worth the effort. Not only is its simplistic decor reminiscent of a traditional Japanese house, it has by far the best cup of ice cappuccino I’ve ever had in Japan (doppio if you like it stronger!).

Saying Goodbye to London at the Riding House Café!

Time passes by too fast sometime, and certainly when you are on the adventure of your life in London. Today was my last day in London before flying back to the US, and then afterwards, Asia for the summer. Arriving last September in London, I honestly had no idea the once-in-a-lifetime adventures I would get to embark on. Samantha was the first girl I met in London—the type of girlfriend once you meet, you are comforted by because you are ecstatic to finally have a fabulous new friend to go on this adventure with! Therefore, it only seemed fitting to end London off by going on a last girl date with Samantha doing what we do best: brunchin’. Surprising me, Samantha picked The Riding House Café, a brunch spot that’s been on my list of to-try before I leave London. Walking into the café, the modern-style brasserie was a gorgeous place boasting an abundance of natural sunlight, lovely teal bar-chairs, old-style lamps, and decorative bookshelves. Although we sat in the back lounge where it was slightly more intimate than the front room, I …

Nordic Bakery’s Cinnamon Bun Heaven

It’s my partner in crime Christina’s last day in London and to say goodbye the proper way–from a foodie to another fellow foodie–I thought it’d be appropriate to check off a bakery we’ve been wanting to visit! The Nordic Bakery, a Scandinavian-style cafe that is simplistic both in design and food choice, is an absolutely lovely little find. If you’re craving some sweets–and by that I don’t mean a piece of chocolate–Nordic Bakery has phenomenal Cinnamon Buns. Densely layered, sticky, deliciously sweet, this is every cinnamon and pastry lover’s ideal indulgence. Especially with a nice cup of cappuccino, Nordic Bakery knows how to make the perfect Saturday morning breakfast.

Sweet tooth haven in Covent Garden!

Happy Thursdays! Since being in London, I’ve looked forward to Thursday luncheons with two of my favorite girl friends I’ve met through LSE classes, Michela and Haruka. It’s easy to become instant best friends with girls who 1) share my love for sweets 2) Asian food 3) and on top of that, can speak Chinese and Japanese with me! As we normally have Dim Sum or Japanese food, we decided to change it up and go have Thai food this week. Busaba Eatthai is one of our favorite Thai restaurant chains in London and as always it didn’t disappoint. But the highlight today was afterwards, when we went on a coffee and dessert hunt in Covent Garden. Even though I’ve been in London for nearly a year, Covent Garden–crowded with thousands of tourists and street entertainers–still remains exciting every time I go. Be sure to check out Covent Garden’s outdoor market! Catch it on a sunny day, (or even cloudy like today) and you’ll find lots of stalls packed with people buying fresh sandwiches, cupcakes, paella, etc. …

Peter Gordon’s Kopapa: ‘building to store food’

  If you want some amazing smoothies and fresh seasonal items, Peter Gordon’s Kopapa is the perfect breakfast spot. Located right in the up and coming Seven Dials area, Kopapa is best enjoyed on a sunny day–so be sure to snag an outdoors seat if you can! Bright and early, I could not think of a better person to grab breakfast with than my good friend Talia, who is my partner in crime on the weekends when we go on morning runs and then splurge sessions on market foods. Eating with Talia, who is gluten and dairy free, has also opened my eyes to a whole new world of eating–one I will definitely be blogging about later (but essentially, frequent trips to Whole Foods and our favorite vegetarian restaurant, Food for Thought, are inescapable weekly routines!) While we weren’t able to grab an outdoor seating this morning, do try to snag one if you’re lucky to find any open spot! People watching in the Seven Dials should be on Timeout London in my opinion. Anyways, Talia and I decided to start …

My brunch love affairs at The Wolseley

I’ve had multiple love affairs at brunch before, but none as gorgeous as The Wolseley’s (yet!). Brunch at the opulent cafe-restaurant right in Piccadilly takes me back to gorgeous Viennese cafes like Cafe Central. The idea that I could have affogato and a croissant for breakfast is just fantastic. Having visited the Wolseley a couple times, I’ve tried their assortment of viennoiseries and it is absolutely phenomenal. Chocolate lovers cannot miss the pain au chocolat or the double chocolate brioche. Every bite makes me feel hugely guilty, but if you love chocolate, it’s heavenly. Paired with the wide selection of coffee, The Wolseley easily offers a light breakfast. Now if you’re looking for a more comprehensive brunch affair, be prepared to make some tough decisions. The Wolseley’s egg benedict is as perfect as it is classic. I’ve been multiple times and they really know how to poach their eggs to perfection. If you’re looking for a more hearty selection, I’d recommend their pancakes. While the pancakes come with blueberries, opt for the less healthy side of crispy bacon …

Fresh Jamon on London’s ‘Tin Pan Alley’

In between revision and cloudy days, I’ve been feeling a little blue–perhaps from missing my friends too much? So today I finally kidnapped my friend Samantha, the first of many amazing girls I’ve met at LSE, for a lunch and coffee break. Recently, we’ve seen the openings of multiple restaurants in Central London but in particular, I’ve had my eyes on the glossy looking corner cafe by Denmark Street. The recently opened Fernandez and Wells is located right on the corner of London’s ‘Tin Pan Alley,’ home to and visited by many famous British rock and jazz musicians. Did you know Elton John recorded his first hit single, Your Song, here? The minute you enter F&W, you’re greeted with A LOT of sandwiches and cakes. Grilled chorizo roasted red pepper and rocket? Egg mayonnaise and black pudding? Jamon and cheese? In the end, I chose the mozzarella, prosciutto, and tomato sandwich while Samantha ordered the aubergine and spinach one. The prosciutto was absolutely amazing, and paired with a thick slice of mozzarella, I was in love (I later learned F&W imports their …