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A Taste of Hangzhou: G20 fine-dining at Zi Wei Hall 紫薇厅

When visiting Hangzhou, there is nothing more iconic than seeing West Lake 西湖, once home to many of China’s most notable literary figures. Which is why on my recent trip I was thrilled to not only enjoy a sunny boat ride across West Lake but also discover a hidden culinary gem in the area. Tucked away in the West Lake State Guest House 西湖国宾馆, past the elegant Jiangnan-style rock gardens and zigzagging corridors is Zi Wei Hall 紫薇厅. Zi Wei Hall boasts many traditional Chinese dishes to give diners a taste of authentic ‘state level’ fine-dining. Having hosted the recent G20 delegations in 2016, the State Guest House and Zi Wei Hall had been closed to the general public for a while. But since it quietly reopened last year, Zi Wei Hall is now back as one of the most coveted spots to dine in the West Lake area. While dinners are reservations-only with priority given to hotel guests, lunch is more casual and walk-ins are accepted. Each dish I tried at Zi Wei Hall was a delicious …

Discovering a New Dim Sum Spot at Canton Table

Dim Sum brunches in Shanghai are a must-do whether you’re a visitor or local. There are famous hot spots to slurp soup dumplings such as Jia Jia Tang Bao 佳家汤包, but if you want to dim sum in Cantonese style then Canton Table in Bund No. 3 is the spot to do so. Expect a beautiful space on the Bund, an impressive view, and a dim sum menu with a couple of twists. Apart from typical dim sum fare, the fire roasted chicken & slow braised beef soup were definitely brunch highlights and must orders. We ordered these two meaty dishes to share for the table and they were delicately served on the side via a separate display table. The name ‘beef soup’ may seem unassuming, but the thick cuts of quality beef and pieces radish that have been simmered in fatty stock made for the perfect winter combination. As for the phenomenal roast chicken, it was served with a little fire show that only added to its wow factor. My Thoughts From the colorful dim sum spread we …

Sleepless in Shanghai

Just a weekend back in this sleepless city reminded me why I love the busy hum of Shanghai so much. I had forgotten how the hustle and bustle of city dwellers always creates such a contagious buzz, constantly making me want to explore more. With my lovely cousin Alexandra from London in town, I decided to fly back to Shanghai for a long-overdue visit and some delicious adventures (quick shout out to Alex: have a phenomenal time in Fudan University and I hope you adore Shanghai the way I did with London!) When in Shanghai, definitely don’t miss the former French Concession area. It’s a gorgeous district to spend a weekend strolling through its various shops, museums, and bars, especially since it’s covered with luscious London plane trees (le platane commun, introduced by the French). Make your way through Tianzifang 田子坊, a renovated residential area that has now become an arts and cultural hub with lots of speciality stores. In particular, check out Tianzifang’s lovely Scent Library, fairy-tale like vintage Music Box Store, and the recently opened liquid nitrogen ice cream store, Freeze.