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Omotesando Koffee: Coffee in the Backstreets of Tokyo

Update: Unfortunately, the beautiful Omotesando Koffee has closed its location as of December 2016. However, you can visit their Toranomon location! (1-23-3 Toranomon,Minato-ku,Tokyo  2F Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 105-6302 Japan) ————- There’s something really beautiful about a quiet minimalist space, especially when found amidst the busy streets of Tokyo. Add some caffeine to that mix, it’s no wonder that Omotesando Koffee is highly praised by many coffee-enthusiasts. Located in the backstreets of Omotesando, Omotesando Koffee’s unassuming entrance is hard to find , but most definitely worth the effort. Not only is its simplistic decor reminiscent of a traditional Japanese house, it has by far the best cup of ice cappuccino I’ve ever had in Japan (doppio if you like it stronger!).

Staying caffeinated at Prufrock Coffee on Leather Lane

My friend Samantha and I took a much-needed caffeine break last week and strolled to London’s famous Leather Lane to tick off one of the few coffee shops left on our London Cafe List: Prufrock Coffee. Considered one of London’s best coffee shops, Prufrock Coffee was opened in 2009 by World Barista Champion Gwilym Rhys Davies. If you’re a true coffee enthusiast, or just love a great cup of award-winning coffee the way we do, don’t miss Prufrock on a gorgeous London day!

My brunch love affairs at The Wolseley

I’ve had multiple love affairs at brunch before, but none as gorgeous as The Wolseley’s (yet!). Brunch at the opulent cafe-restaurant right in Piccadilly takes me back to gorgeous Viennese cafes like Cafe Central. The idea that I could have affogato and a croissant for breakfast is just fantastic. Having visited the Wolseley a couple times, I’ve tried their assortment of viennoiseries and it is absolutely phenomenal. Chocolate lovers cannot miss the pain au chocolat or the double chocolate brioche. Every bite makes me feel hugely guilty, but if you love chocolate, it’s heavenly. Paired with the wide selection of coffee, The Wolseley easily offers a light breakfast. Now if you’re looking for a more comprehensive brunch affair, be prepared to make some tough decisions. The Wolseley’s egg benedict is as perfect as it is classic. I’ve been multiple times and they really know how to poach their eggs to perfection. If you’re looking for a more hearty selection, I’d recommend their pancakes. While the pancakes come with blueberries, opt for the less healthy side of crispy bacon …