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Afternoon Tea in West Village: Bosie Tea Parlor & Patisserie Claude

Hello Spring! In the words of Taylor Swift, “nice to meet you, where you been?” Now that it’s finally warming up, spring days with beautiful sun hats, nice walks in the park, and afternoon tea dates don’t feel that far away. So, to celebrate the upcoming spring blooms, here are two cozy afternoon tea places in New York City’s West Village. After all, where better to await spring than tea parlors and patisseries? Bosie Tea Parlor Bosie Tea Parlor has been a New York staple of mine for a while–it’s low-key, has an artsy vibe, and serves great finger sandwiches. The traditional afternoon tea set isn’t over the top, and comes with a wide range of fresh macarons you can choose from. The table’s favorite was the salted caramel macaron, but the lavender macaron was also really lovely. Plus, Bosie’s Earl Grey Mille Crepe is just delicious! If you like subtly sweet desserts, you’ll definitely enjoy the fluffy layers of earl grey creme. And since Bosie is first and foremost a tea parlor after all, remember to pair your desserts with a cup of perfectly brewed tea before settling in for a relaxing afternoon. So next time …

Siamese Charm: Author’s Lounge in Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Stepping into Author’s Lounge at Bangkok’s Mandarin Oriental will transport you back to a time when afternoon tea was first and foremost, an indulgence. Visited by notable literary authors such as Joseph Conrad, this Bangkok establishment is a celebrity favorite in Asia. Plus, if you’ve never tried a Traditional “Thai” Tea Set (I certainly didn’t until then!), there’s no place quite like Author’s Lounge. First, the House Blend Black Tea at Author’s Lounge deserves a special mention. If you’re a coffee person like me, you’ll know why it requires a great cup of tea to truly impress! Tea aside, the Pandan scone with touches of ginger was just amazing. Still warm and fresh from the oven, the scone incorporates traditional Thai ingredients wonderfully. Don’t forget to smother on a thick layer of clotted cream and jam for an extra touch of creaminess! The traditional afternoon tea set was definitely delicious, but for first-timers, I’d highly recommend the Thai Tea Set. It incorporates a lot of fun and traditional Thai desserts such as Tong Yip (an egg yolk tart), Khanom Duang (sticky tapioca and coconut milk+shreds), and …

2014 in Review: Eating, Traveling, and New Year Resolutions

Goodbye 2014! 2014 was the year I finished my year abroad in London, traveled to Greece and Italy, spent a summer in Tokyo interning for a NGO, and started my last year of University back in Baltimore. I’ve pursued so many of my passions in 2014, it’s surreal this whirlwind of a year is coming to an end. Throughout everything, starting eatprayjade (and buying my coveted camera!) has been a concrete reminder of places I’ve loved, food I enjoyed, and why it’s worth pursuing all your passions–even if it’s the desire to start a food blog! I’ve always believed in the cliche ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ so here’s my 2014 in review through a collage of photographs. Top Moments of my 2014: 1. Turning 21 in London My birthday brunch at Duck and Waffle with girlfriends that made my year in London incredible! Girls that love to brunch are always the best ones right? Check out my fabulous fellow blogger Lilybelle and her blog post on our brunch here.  2. British Afternoon Tea with a Twist Celebrating Talia’s birthday with afternoon tea at Bake-a-Boo …

Alice’s Tea Cup: “it’s always tea-time”

Alice’s Tea Cup is not too far from the magical world Alice stepped into. With a wide selection of finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones, and mixed teas, this cosy tearoom is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. My brief stop in New York–before visiting my family for Thanksgiving Break–consisted of a satisfying brunch at Friedman’s, a great spot for homemade comfort food, followed by high tea at Alice’s Tea Cup. I met up with one of my classmates from university who is in the process of finishing her dissertation. Now, when I say classmate, I mean more of an older sister I look up to. In the year and a half I was gone in London, she got married to a wonderful guy and gave birth to the most precious baby girl. I was ecstatic to meet her family so where better to have a reunion than over high tea? I loved all the Alice in Wonderland-themed tea sets at Alice’s Tea Cup. Between The Nibble “a lil bit hungry?”, The Mad Hatter “hungry?”, and The Jabberwocky “famished?”, we ended up getting …

The Beauty of Artifact Coffee

Coffee shops are best on Sunday afternoons when you need a space to relax in before the beginning of another week. Artifact Coffee, a spinoff of Baltimore’s widely acclaimed Woodberry Kitchen, is a lovely place to do just that. I visited Artifact Coffee for a late lunch with my friend Sarika and absolutely loved the hipster decorations. With a spacious interior, Artifact Coffee offers freshly baked goods, an interesting mix of coffee drinks (lavender latte anyone?), and a great all day menu. Plus, if you don’t want to sit, they also have island bar tables you can stand and chat at–a reminder of my favorite coffee bars in Italy.

Indulging in Matcha Eclairs at Sadaharu Aoki 青木定治

Sadaharu Aoki is a highly acclaimed patissier I’ve been dying to try since I arrived in Tokyo. If you adore classic teatime pastries the way I do, you’ll definitely find Sadaharu Aoki’s exquisite Matcha Eclairs irresistible. By infusing traditional Japanese ingredients into French pastries, a visit to Sadaharu Aoki is a sweet-tooth culinary adventure for sure! Excited to try out Sadaharu Aoki’s lovely array of pastries, Mizuha and I embarked on yet another afternoon full of sweets this past week. As usual, we couldn’t decide on just one tea set to get, so what better than a degustation cake sampler? Located in Roppongi Midtown’s B1 Level, Sadaharu Aoki offers a colorful cake sampler if you dine in–a definite worthy splurge. But of course, since summer is the perfect time for kakigori, and I also had my eyes set on the rows of lovely eclairs–we decided to try a little bit of everything!

Good friends, good tea, and some lovely scones: that is the ideal life

This past weekend, Talia, one of my best friends & partner in crime I regularly kidnap for brunch, turned 21! To be able to celebrate with Talia and all our friends we’ve met in London was really a fabulous time. Afternoon teas have been a highlight of our time in London and Bake-a-Boo is probably Talia and I’s favorite. Not only do they provide Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free options, the shop itself is everything girls love: pastel colors, gorgeous tea sets, and endless choices of fairy cupcakes.