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Woodberry Kitchen: Farm to Fork

Woodberry Kitchen is a Charm City favorite that follows the recent farm-to-table trend. With many Universities’ graduation dates coming up, families have been scrambling to make a reservation for this wildly popular restaurant. But is it worth the hype? Without a doubt, yes. Head Chef Spike Gjerde and his team behind Woodberry Kitchen are fantastic. They work wonders with their locally-sourced ingredients. From coveted Chesapeake Oysters to ‘Meatless Monday’ favorites like Grilled Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, Woodberry Kitchen boasts a delicious and seasonal menu. Sunday brunch is my favorite meal at Woodberry Kitchen (in general, it’s my favorite meal of the week anyways). Whoever came up with the Morning Flatbread, a tasty breakfast pizza finished with a cracked egg on top, is genius. And don’t even get me started on how brilliant those crispy potatoes on top of the caramelized onions are. Other interesting brunch choices include the Cast Iron Pancake garnished with sweet potato butter and nectarines. Yes, you read right. Pancake. Singular pancake! That’s because the cast iron skillet pancake is incredibly fluffy and dense (and filling). But for those that might not want a carbo-brunch …

Carma’s Cafe: sesame noodles, paninis, and more

Carma’s Cafe is a magical little hideout in Baltimore. The cafe’s menu is constantly updated with seasonal specials but nothing beats their staples: the best sesame noodles around, Pink Dalmatian cookies (cranberry white chocolate chip magicalness), and an array of freshly grilled paninis. On gloomy days, there’s nothing more comforting than an order of Carma’s grilled cheese with tomato soup. On days when all your stomach craves is savory carbs, Carma’s TCB (turkey cranberry brie panini) with a side order of sesame noodles is on point My friend Marc, whose palate matches his deeply fabulous style, recently introduced me to the Xander–a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with granny smith apples, light cream cheese, and honey drizzled over. I don’t know how I went so long without trying it! Carma’s Cafe is also famous for its Icelandic Yogurt (with berry compote!) and baked cookies. If you’re really lucky, you’ll manage to catch a fresh batch of Carma’s blueberry muffins in the morning! Plus, since it’s located right next to University campus, you’ll always find students grabbing coffees to go, or studying outside the cafe when the weather is nice–a perfect people watching spot. It’s crazy how Baltimore’s …

The Beauty of Artifact Coffee

Coffee shops are best on Sunday afternoons when you need a space to relax in before the beginning of another week. Artifact Coffee, a spinoff of Baltimore’s widely acclaimed Woodberry Kitchen, is a lovely place to do just that. I visited Artifact Coffee for a late lunch with my friend Sarika and absolutely loved the hipster decorations. With a spacious interior, Artifact Coffee offers freshly baked goods, an interesting mix of coffee drinks (lavender latte anyone?), and a great all day menu. Plus, if you don’t want to sit, they also have island bar tables you can stand and chat at–a reminder of my favorite coffee bars in Italy.

‘O Say Can You Sea’ at Ouzo Bay

It was the 200th year anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner recently and Baltimore really celebrated in style with gorgeous fireworks–as Lana Del Rey would say, “Red, white, blue’s in the sky.” On top of that, it was my roommate Lauren’s 21st birthday so delicious celebrations were in order of course. Our restaurant of choice, Ouzo Bay, boasts everything we love about authentic Greek cuisine: delicious seafood fare with a lovely selection of wines and possibly the best bread basket we’ve had in a while.