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“My doctor told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people.” – Orson Welles

A Curated Food Guide to Tianzifang 田子坊

Tianzifang 田子坊 is Shanghai’s charming equivalent of New York’s Chelsea Market+Highline. Once a 市集 (traditional Chinese marketplace), Tianzifang was remodeled in 1998 to become an artsy retail complex. From small trinkets to independent art galleries, there’s no shortage of things to see and eat. The area’s biggest charm? The lines of clothes drying in random corners of the streets, reminding you that older Shanghainese locals still live in the traditional lane houses. Tianzifang is known to be very touristy but since making my official move this January I’ve discovered so many more unique storefronts. Like most places in Shanghai, Tianzifang is full of little alleyways that are incredibly fun to get lost in. As this area is always on my list of recommendations for visiting friends that only have a weekend layover in Shanghai, I’ve been wanting to consolidate a short list of food options in the area. The below is by no means a comprehensive list of things to eat in Tianzifang but these are a selection of my favorites that all have distinct shop styles of …

Seasonal Vegetarian Fine Dining at Fu He Hui 福和慧

Michelin-starred 福和慧 Fu He Hui is a gem in Shanghai’s fine dining scene. For lunch and dinner, you can select from four different vegetarian prix fixe menus (ranging 380RMB-780RMB), including a seasonal special. For first timers, I would recommend trying the ‘classic’ Fu He Hui menu. From decor to food, Fu He Hui is a gourmand’s oasis in the center of Shanghai city. Come with the expectation that you’ll pay a premium for your meal and prepared to be impressed. *I dined with a party of 4 so the below pictures are a mix of the classic 780 RMB menu and the 580 RMB menu. My dream plate of amuse-bouches. Left is 百叶包, a tofu pouch full of 马兰头, a really fragrant vegetable known as Indian Kalimeris. In the middle is 糖醋“排骨”, classic sweet and sour “pork.” In this case, pork was substituted with king oyster mushrooms wrapped around burdock roots. Lastly, on the right is marinated tofu shaped into a traditional bottle gourd shape. I adored this soup, the consommé had really deep flavors and was an absolute feast for the eyes. Look at …

Sunshine Box Launch: La Maison 夜来香 x WUJIE 大蔬无界

I’m so excited to share with everybody a project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months! Sunshine Box is a box of seasonal, organic vegetables that is now available to all families in Shanghai. The idea behind Sunshine Box is bridging urban and rural communities through wholesome and sustainably grown natural produce. That is why we get our produce from Rainbow of Hope (ROH), a social enterprise dedicated to empowering farmers by providing them with reliable income via sustainable agricultural practices. Because we know you are what you eat, all Sunshine Box produce is grown without any insecticides, pesticides, growth hormones, or chemical fertilizers. We kicked off the launch of Sunshine Box with a dinner launch party at La Maison 夜来香, a stunning restaurant in Shanghai’s French Concession area. In order to really feature the Sunshine Box, the entire dinner affair was made with ingredients directly shipped over from Sunshine Box’s farms in Western Hunan. Together, Chef Pol Garcia from La Maison & Chef Ivan Xu from WUJIE on the Bund, created a beautifully innovative vegetarian menu for the night. The resulting 6-course prix fixe menu showcased an …

Brunch in Style at Blackbird

Brunch is T H E trendy thing in Shanghai right now, and there is no place more chic than Blackbird. A cafe+bar serving fun Italian dishes, Blackbird is an Instagram heaven. The cafe exudes a really charming vibe, and I especially liked the floor to ceiling windows and sleek interior design. Good coffee was a plus, so I found myself spending the afternoon there working without being disturbed. I didn’t get to try out the extensive drink list, but I saw lots of hipster cocktails I can’t wait to go back for. By the way, happy Chinese New Year dear readers! May this (lunar) new year be full of delicious foods and auspicious adventures. This is the big holiday season in Shanghai so bundle up and brace the crowds. Located on Wulumuqi Road, Blackbird has a gorgeous view and some really tasty bites. I recommend the Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms for those who want a filling but healthy main. OH! But I saw all the tables around me ordering Thick Cut Fries so I suspect I missed out on a customer favorite. Other favorites include the Black Truffle …

在上海: Where to Breakfast like a Shanghai Localite

So you’re in Shanghai, a city where the pace of life is not for the slow-walkers or easy-goers. Restaurants on the city’s iconic riverside are all gorgeously situated with a view of the Bund. With the increasingly glitzy tastes of Shanghai locals, French cuisine is the undeniable crowd-favorite these days. But what if you want to have a taste of old Shanghai, the Shanghai where street food is validated by the amount of people waiting in line–including regulars that have visited these run-down food carts since childhood. Where do you go? Ignore the Micheline Stars Trek to downtown Shanghai where you can still taste authentic breakfast foods and see street vendors serve fresh orders of egg rolls, sticky rice shaomai, and more.

Sleepless in Shanghai

Just a weekend back in this sleepless city reminded me why I love the busy hum of Shanghai so much. I had forgotten how the hustle and bustle of city dwellers always creates such a contagious buzz, constantly making me want to explore more. With my lovely cousin Alexandra from London in town, I decided to fly back to Shanghai for a long-overdue visit and some delicious adventures (quick shout out to Alex: have a phenomenal time in Fudan University and I hope you adore Shanghai the way I did with London!) When in Shanghai, definitely don’t miss the former French Concession area. It’s a gorgeous district to spend a weekend strolling through its various shops, museums, and bars, especially since it’s covered with luscious London plane trees (le platane commun, introduced by the French). Make your way through Tianzifang 田子坊, a renovated residential area that has now become an arts and cultural hub with lots of speciality stores. In particular, check out Tianzifang’s lovely Scent Library, fairy-tale like vintage Music Box Store, and the recently opened liquid nitrogen ice cream store, Freeze.