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Breakfast at the New Sushi Dai in Toyosu Market

Having previously enjoyed Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Market years ago, I decided to go check out the new Toyosu Market and grab an early breakfast there. For those that haven’t been, Toyosu Market 豊洲市場 is the upgraded and sleeker version of the ‘inner’ Tsukji Fish Market. Visitors now look from viewing decks to see the wholesale market and famous tuna auctions. This means less hustle and bustle in Toyosu Market, with visitors directed one way and wholesalers+buyers another way.

Toyosu Market may be cleaner and air-conditioned but it is definitely less charming than the beloved Tsukiji Fish Market. That being said, the Market is still home to quite a lot of popular Japanese restaurants that made the move from Tsukiji Market. Keeping to tradition, they open bright and early (5am onwards!). So a fish market tour followed by a hearty breakfast is still a good itinerary for first time visitors.

Toyosu Market is quite different from Tsukiji Market, for better or for worse

Sleek buildings and structured walk ways, you won’t get as much of the vibrant craziness Tsukiji Market had

Make your way up to the dining hall that’s spread across multiple buildings, and you’ll find popular restaurants such as the ‘original’ Yoshinoya, famous for its Gyudon

But constants stay constant, Sushi Dai is ever still popular with the biggest line at 6am

New market, new Sushi Dai!

Sushi Dai’s omakase set with the option of cooked/grilled fish for those that don’t like sashimi

A brighter and larger L-shaped space for the popular sushi-ya

Individual pieces of sushi are placed in front of you on a long, shared sushi ledge (notice that guests next to us had a beer at 8am!)

Sweetly glazed anago (conger eel) had a nice nutty flavour to it

Hamachi (yellowtail) was fleshy and tasty with the scallions

Ikura (salmon roe) at Sushi Dai was fresh and bursting with umami flavours

The chutoro fatty tuna was a standout and a very popular add-on for those that want more than one piece of it

À la carte pieces are available for you to order once you finish your omakase (here’s Mizuha debating her options seriously)

The menu has English translations for you to select from; alternatively, you can also ask for the chef’s recommendation

I ordered an extra piece of uni to end the delicious breakfast

Take your bill and pay up front on your way out

Restaurants are scattered around Toyosu Market but a good place to start is Block 6 Intermediate Seafood Wholesale Market. This is where Sushi Dai and Uogashi Yokocho (the indoor marketplace for kitchen goodies) are located.

If you’re looking to try Sushi Dai, beeline for the restaurant bright and early. We arrived there at 6am and were finally seated with a hot towel in hand at 8:30am. Queuing for Sushi Dai is one part of the restaurant’s tradition that will never change! The omakase set comes with an assortment of sushi, unlimited seafood miso soup, and green tea. Beers are available bright and early (the guys next to us said 8am was an acceptable time to start drinking) so don’t be shy.

The sushi at Sushi Dai is not suppose to have the wow factor you get from high-end sushi restaurants. But their consistently delicious and affordable sets make it a popular sushi-lover spot. I highly recommend getting extra pieces from the à la carte menu that is now in English. You can never go wrong with an extra piece of fatty tuna or sea urchin.

Pro Tip: Toyosu Market is located close to teamLAB Borderless, so try to make a mid-day reservation for the museum and head there directly from Toyosu Market. Take the Yurikamome line (4 stops) to Aomi Station and you’ll be at the museum in 20 minutes.

A goodbye to Tsukiji Fish Market

For me, I think Toyosu Market will never be the same as the colorful and dynamic Tsukiji Market. Tradition and history are hard to beat! But visiting Sushi Dai was a nice throwback to days I lined up for sushi after a night out in Tokyo. Still so good and still so many people lining up from all over the world.

eatprayjade x.


Sushi Dai (Toyosu Market)
Address // Take the Yurikamome line to Shijo-mae station and follow the signs for ‘Toyosu Fish Market 豊洲市場へ.’

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  1. Sheree says

    Looks a fascinating place to visit. I too have visited the old market which was wonderful though didn’t partake of a sushi breakfast.

    • Enjoyed every bite, but I love the uni! Soft spot for ikura as well but didn’t have that this time since it wasn’t in season 🙂

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