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A Classic Sushi Omakase in Tokyo: Sushi Fujimori 藤森

Tokyo is home to some of Japan’s finest sushi, everything from fish market sushi bars to Michelin star establishments. According to Japanese locals, the key is to find the right spot with the right environment you’re looking for. Previously, I have already raved about Umegaoka Sushi and Sushi Matsue, both sushi bars in Tokyo I frequent. But for a more upscale omakase dinner, I recently discovered Sushi Fujimori–a laidback yet classy spot in Nishi-Azabu.

While Sushi Fujimori is more proper than your average sushi bar, the restaurant is cosy with a nice selection of wine and sake for you to unwind with. Chef Fujimori and his wife Noriko-san are attentive and put a lot of effort into making their diners feel at ease. A 10 minute walk from Roppongi Station, Sushi Fujimori offers their dinner omakase menu for 24000 yen (~215 USD). The omakase includes nigiri sushi, seasonal sashimi and a nice assortment of side dishes.

With only 8 seats, Sushi Fujimori offers an intimate and relaxing way to try sushi omakase in the heart of Tokyo

The cozy sushi bar offers all guests a perfect view of Chef Fujimori in action

Chutoro, a medium fatty piece of tuna brushed with Fujimori’s signature yuzu-scented soy sauce

Fatty salmon, a classic fish found in sushi omakase

A fleshy piece of Kurama Ebi, also known as ‘Japanese Imperial Prawn’

Kodai is a young ‘Pink Snapper’ so the meat was particularly tender

Grilled kinmeidai, also known as ‘Golden Eye Snapper’; I like how the omakase included char-grilled seafood so you can really experience different types of Japanese cooking

Grilled firefly squid from Toyama Bay, a really unique and tasty type of squid

Hamachi ‘Yellowtail’, another omakase classic

Sawara or ‘Spanish Mackerel’ prepared with the method of kobujime, which is a traditional Japanese method of using konbu to preserve fish and enhance its umami flavours

Scallop roe with a dash of salt and sesame oil–this was actually really buttery and fragrant

In between his sushi-making, Chef Fujimori was extremely friendly and made a point to chat with all of his guests

A creamy piece of uni, one of my favourites!

A sushi bar to unwind and relax in

I visited Sushi Fujimori with my friend Maggie and we started the night off with a sake “well-suited for the season.” When in doubt, the keyword to ask the chef for is ‘おすすめ’ (o-su-su-me), Japanese for  ‘your recommendation.’ Over the course of two hours, we enjoyed an interesting diversity of side dishes in addition to nigiri sushi. One of the most unique dishes was thinly sliced scallop roe with a slight dash of salt and sesame oil. Surprisingly buttery and tasty!

As a fun side note: Maggie and I had a casual celebrity sighting at Sushi Fujimori. Without getting into all the details, Chef Fujimori and his wife rotated between the celebrity family next to us and the rest of the diners without any problems the whole night!

For first time visitors in Tokyo, I do think there are many more high-end sushi restaurants you may want to check off your list first. But if you’re in the mood for a more underrated local gem, Sushi Fujimori is worth a visit.

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Sushi Fujimori すし 藤森* 
Address // 102, Sahya Nishi Azabu, 2-24-14, Nishiazabu, Tokyo (Take Hibiya Line to Roppongi)
Tel // +81-3-3406-0141
Web //

*Reservations can be directly made via Pocket Concierge. This was my first time using Pocket Concierge and I was pleasantly surprised. The reservation process was easily done online, and the meal cost directly billed to my credit card at the end. The restaurant was familiar with the process and very welcoming. 


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    Looked a fabulous meal and I love that you can watch it being prepared.

    • Me too! Makes the entire dining experience very fun and personal, especially because you get to chat with the chef too

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