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A traditional Japanese breakfast in Kyoto: Shunsai Imari

Kyoto is renowned for its traditional food culture so finding a cozy spot to try an authentic Japanese breakfast is a must. Shunsai Imari 旬菜 いまり came highly recommended by a local Japanese friend so on my recent trip to Kyoto, we came here for some morning comfort food. Think fluffy egg omelets, sweet pickles and freshly grilled fish!

While kaiseki cuisine is quite well known, its lesser-known and more hearty counterpart is obanzai, Kyoto-style home cooking that incorporates seasonal and local ingredients. For first timers, Shunsai Imari is a great spot to try obanzai comfort food. Plus, the restaurant’s colorful collection of Imari ware means you get to dine using some beautiful ceramic plates and bowls.

A pretty accurate sketch of Shunsai Imari’s pretty breakfast spread

Glistening Japanese rice cooked in a traditional donabe (black clay pot)–this was simple yet incredibly satisfying

The daily breakfast spread changes according to available seasonal ingredients but you’ll consistently get a large pot of Shunsai Imari’s signature donabe rice every morning!

Shunsai Imari is hidden in the backstreets of Kyoto’s Nishiki Market

An authentic breakfast experience

Shunsai Imari’s daily breakfast spread changes according to available seasonal ingredients. That being said, you will consistent get a large pot of the restaurant’s signature donabe rice every morning! When we visited, we enjoyed a shimeji mushroom salad with a thick slice of egg omeletmiso soup, grilled tuna, and assorted pickles. This is on top of 3+ bowls of steaming hot rice each. 

For such a filling meal, Shunsai Imari’s breakfast is a steal at 1,500 yen. This unfortunately also means reservations are a must. We actually dropped by Shunsai Imari on our first morning around 9am but as they were fulled booked already, we put our names down for a table the following day. Conveniently, Nishiki Market is just a stone’s throw away so it’s a delicious alternative just in case you need to wait an extra day!

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Shunsai Imari
Address // 108 Nishi-rokkakucho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto (5 minute walk from Karasuma Station)
Tel // +81 75-231-1354
Website //


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