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Discovering a New Dim Sum Spot at Canton Table

Dim Sum brunches in Shanghai are a must-do whether you’re a visitor or local. There are famous hot spots to slurp soup dumplings such as Jia Jia Tang Bao 佳家汤包, but if you want to dim sum in Cantonese style then Canton Table in Bund No. 3 is the spot to do so. Expect a beautiful space on the Bund, an impressive view, and a dim sum menu with a couple of twists.

Apart from typical dim sum fare, the fire roasted chicken & slow braised beef soup were definitely brunch highlights and must orders. We ordered these two meaty dishes to share for the table and they were delicately served on the side via a separate display table. The name ‘beef soup’ may seem unassuming, but the thick cuts of quality beef and pieces radish that have been simmered in fatty stock made for the perfect winter combination. As for the phenomenal roast chicken, it was served with a little fire show that only added to its wow factor.

Canton Table is the new Cantonese restaurant in Bund No. 3 which is also home to more established names like Jean Georges

Apart from regular Har Gau 虾饺 (which is a must get at any dim sum place, it’s the ultimate quality benchmark) Canton Table also has a fried Har Gau with crispy garlic on top that is incredibly juicy

Some Abalone tarts which were sweeter than we expected–I wouldn’t order it a second time but worth a try if you’re intrigued by this combination

Couldn’t resist the traditional char shiu bun 叉烧包, with a crispier and buttery skin than normal

Wantons in chili oil 红油抄手 are a staple favorite of mine and Canton Table’s did not disappoint. While it’s less spicy than those you’ll find on the streets, the wantons themselves were brilliantly stuffed

The highlight of the meal was definitely the Fire Roasted Chicken that they serve right next to your table–hands down the table favorite and a dramatic show

A super tender chicken with a slight smokiness to it, a must-try

The slow braised Beef Soup with pieces of radish simmered in the fatty stock, the perfect soup to share for winter

拌面 mixed noodles are a Shanghainese staple–I would add a big dallop of chili oil to it (because I prefer my noodles hot!)

When we saw egg tart+black truffle on the menu, we just couldn’t resist ordering some–alrhough I still prefer classic Portuguese egg tarts more

Bund No. 3 still has one of the best views of the Bund skyline–with plenty of sunlight streaming through its large windows, Canton Table is great for weekend dim sum brunches

My Thoughts

From the colorful dim sum spread we tried, the lightly fried Har Gau with crispy garlic on top was my favorite. I normally hesitate to get fried dim sum in fear that they are over-done, meaning all the juicy stock (which is the whole point of wrapping meats and veggies in such beautiful wrappers) is gone. Luckily in the case of Canton Table’s fried Har Gau, the execution was impressive and the slightly crispy skin perfectly enveloped the tasty prawn filling. We were also quite curious about the Black Truffle Tarts but as a fellow brunch companion Michelle said, it was “Shanghai in a (pie)shell.” In other words, buttery crust and creamy filling but the black truffle was slightly over the top.

I would definitely visit Canton Table for brunch again–it’s not the nitty gritty Cantonese style dim sum nor the spot to expect local Shanghainese prices, but the quality of dim sum, variety of dishes, and execution are all impressive. Service is a little spotty depending on whomever is tending to your table, but consistency will hopefully improve. The modern Shanghai-style interiors paired with an unparalleled Bund view add to the restaurant’s charm. After all, it’s another charming restaurant designed by Neri & Hu. All in all, Canton Table is a great spot for dim sum on the weekend and the restaurant’s extensive cocktail list means you can lavishly spend your afternoon enjoying dim sum after dim sum.


Canton Table 三号黄埔会
Adress // No.3 Zhongshan East 1st Road | 5F, Three on the Bund, Shanghai 200002, China
Tel // +86 21 6321 3737
Website // http://www.threeonthebund.com

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