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Chocolate Decadence at Tokyo’s Bubó Cafe

The ‘World’s Best Chocolate Cake’ can now be found in the backstreets of Tokyo’s Omotesando area. Bubó is a Barcelona-based patisserie known for its beautifully designed cakes and artisanal chocolates. On my recent trip to Japan, I visited Bubó’s Tokyo outpost to try Xabina, the chocolate creation that received the ‘World’s Best Chocolate Cake’ mention at the 2005 World Pastry Cup in Lyon.

Worth the trek? Absolutely. The Xabina cake is velvety, rich, and a chocolate masterpiece. I enjoyed the chocolate macaron on top and the chocolate mousse inside is a cloud. I’ll reserve judgment on whether it’s the world’s best chocolate cake because there are simply too many chocolate creations I haven’t tried yet. But to date, it is certainly the best and most gorgeous chocolate cake I’ve had.

Walk past Bubo’s chocolate gallery and go up to the second floor for the Cafe

From cakes to plating Bubó has a modern and sleek look, a nice addition to Omotesando’s high-end cafe scene

Afternoon cake set comes with your choice of coffee or tea–we opted for a strong black tea to balance the rich and creamy desserts

The beautiful Nameraka cake incorporates Tonka beans to bring out a smoky chocolate flavor

The beloved Xabina, also known as the ‘World’s Best Chocolate Cake,’ is almost too gorgeous to eat

Stylish and attractive red interiors

Pick up some chocolate truffles on your way out–ask for samples of the Macadamia nut ones, they’re incredible!

Bubó is a chocolate heaven in the backstreets of Omotesando

When you visit Bubó in Tokyo, try not to be too distracted by the amazing chocolate gallery on the first floor and head straight up to the Cafe. Once you’re seated, your server will bring you a beautifully detailed cake menu for you to peruse. Other than the award-winning Xabina we also ordered a Nameraka, which is a sponge cake with tonka bean cream on top. The slightly smoky tonka cream was delicious and paired well with the lightly fried mint leaves. My favorite part of Bubó was definitely the creative use of ingredients to compliment the patisserie’s signature chocolate flavors.

Bubó is a quick walk from the Omotesando Station, right across from the popular Dominique Ansel Bakery. Don’t pass up either–sit down at Bubó for a Xabina cake, marvel at the velvety chocolate goodness, and then pick up a seasonal Cronut across the street after.

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