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Seasonal Vegetarian Fine Dining at Fu He Hui 福和慧

Michelin-starred 福和慧 Fu He Hui is a gem in Shanghai’s fine dining scene. For lunch and dinner, you can select from four different vegetarian prix fixe menus (ranging 380RMB-780RMB), including a seasonal special. For first timers, I would recommend trying the ‘classic’ Fu He Hui menu. From decor to food, Fu He Hui is a gourmand’s oasis in the center of Shanghai city. Come with the expectation that you’ll pay a premium for your meal and prepared to be impressed.

*I dined with a party of 4 so the below pictures are a mix of the classic 780 RMB menu and the 580 RMB menu.

Beautiful minimalist decor

Beauty in the details, from the choice of cups to the wooden menu

Each party has their own private room with slightly different decor, great for private group gatherings

Appetizers on the house were stuffed potatoes with creme

Amazing pea purée tarts with feta crumble on top

Shanghainese amuse-bouches, vegetarian takes on traditional Shanghainese dishes.

My dream plate of amuse-bouches. Left is 百叶包, a tofu pouch full of 马兰头, a really fragrant vegetable known as Indian Kalimeris. In the middle is 糖醋“排骨”, classic sweet and sour “pork.” In this case, pork was substituted with king oyster mushrooms wrapped around burdock roots. Lastly, on the right is marinated tofu shaped into a traditional bottle gourd shape.

Tomato ravioli with egg yolk and delicious pea puree

Assortment of carrots with ginger, lemon, and quinoa (the carrots could’ve been a little crispier in my opinion)

Lotus fungus in a vegetable consommé

I adored this soup, the consommé had really deep flavors and was an absolute feast for the eyes. Look at those spring colors! At first I thought the soup used a variety of the Chinese black fungus, but it turns out the beautiful white fungus is Sparassis, or lotus fungus. They had a nice crisp to them which I enjoyed. The entire dish was so lovely, writing about it makes me want to have it again.

Matsutake mushroom croquette in a lovely, clear mushroom broth

春饼, a spring pancake roll (I swear the sauce they use is Peking duck sauce!)

A fun-take on the Peking duck wrap. This was a nice combination of lion’s mane mushroom, tofu skin, and crunchy cucumbers (I want to say there was arugula as well). A little on the salty side but pleasing altogether, it was a table favorite.

Termite mushrooms and soy bean sprouts, with red pepper foam on top

Fu He Hui ‘Classic Menu’ ends with a splendid ‘Shanghainese Breakfast’, which consists of traditional Shanghai pastries and congee with fermented tofu

Fu He Hui’s motto is ‘舒食,静心’, food that comforts is also soothing and calming.

福和慧 is a beautiful Chinese name. 福 means good fortune, and 慧 implies knowledge and wisdom. Together, 福和慧 implies the faithful meeting of fortune and wisdom.

I was definitely impressed by Fu He Hui 福和慧 and would visit again to try a new seasonal menu. Our table favorites from lunch were the Lotus Fungus Vegetable Consommé and the Spring Pancake. I also realized my personal favorite, a beautiful plate of grilled eggplant and black truffles, is actually not pictured in the above. I think we may have devoured it too fast for me to take a picture. Next time!

Although vegetarian fine dining is still few and far between, even in Shanghai’s vibrant F&B scene, I’m glad Fu He Hui has such a diverse menu for those that do want to try it. I brought a visiting family friend here and she was thoroughly impressed by the selection of seasonal ingredients Fu He Hui used.

Things have been so busy in Shanghai I’ve been slow with the posts. But with one of my best friends (I’ll call him for now) visiting from New York, I expect to be exploring a lot of new restaurants with him. Stay tuned!

eatprayjade x.

Fu He Hui

Address // 1037 Yuyuan Road, close to Jiangsu Road 愚园路1037号(近江苏路)
Tel // 021-39809188


  1. I am reading so many great things about this restaurant, although as a carnivore I still didn’t risk booking it over other places. We will be in Shanghai for only three nights, so hard to make “the right” restaurant shortlist.

    • Curious to see which ones made your list! Shanghai has too many options, hard to narrow it down I know.

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