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Devour Amazing Chirashi at Ginza Sushi Marui

If you’re shopping through Ginza and suddenly crazing amazing chirashi or sushi, you don’t have to go far. Ginza Sushi-Dokoro Marui is tucked behind the main pedestrian crossing in Tokyo’s glitzy shopping district and one of my new favorite eateries. Tokyo can be overwhelming with its endless amounts of sashimi and sushi options but if you want a high quality yet affordable (and very filling!) lunch break, definitely grab a bar seat at Ginza Sushi Marui and watch the sushi masters perform their magic. A little tip: lunch sets are the best way to sample a Japanese restaurant’s various foods, as prices for dinner can skyrocket at least double or more! Keeping that in mind, Ginza Sushi Marui is wildly popular with the lunch crowd so get ready for a short wait on the weekdays.

While the more popular lunch option is the sushi platter, I switched things up a little and ordered a Zukeana Chirashi-Zushi, a hearty bowl of tuna and conger eel over rice. Verdict? Absolutely amazing. The large bowl was filled with surprises under the rice–little sweet tamagoyaki pieces, snow crab chunks, and delicious ikura that just pops in your mouth! Oh, and definitely don’t forget to mix in the quail egg for that extra creaminess. For 1500yen, the menu said the chirashi bowl was meant for approximately 1.5 people–which I just took to be a promise for a very satisfying meal.



Ginza Sushi Marui is located on one of the side streets of Ginza’s main pedestrian road. Their lunch sets offer thick slices of sashimi at an affordable price. Portions are definitely on the large side so go hungry!


Highly recommend sitting at the sushi counter because you’ll have front row seats for the magical sushi making!


I opted for the Zukeana Chirashi-Zushi, a hearty bowl of tuna and conger eel over rice. This is one of their signature dishes that comes with as many bowls of miso you can pack down–all for the very affordable price of 1,500 yen!


The best part of the chirashi bowl? Everytime you mix up the rice (which by the way, was chewy and absolutely phenomenal), you’ll find little pouches of surprise such as tamagoyaki (sweet egg rolls), octopus, shrimp, etc.


After eating at Sushi Marui, why not explore the area? Ginza, the glitzy fashion avenue of Tokyo, is lovely on Sundays. Turned into a full pedestrian road once a week, you get a chance to walk on the avenue as you shop the various high-end fashion brands and iconic department stores.


I blogged about this delicious bun previously during my winter trip to Tokyo, but Kimuraya sells the original (and arguably the best!) Anpan (red-bean stuffed bread, truly the good stuff).

Like all the other impressive Tokyo eateries, Ginza Sushi Marui will provide you unlimited tea and miso soup you will leave feeling very very satisfied. But if you’re a true gourmand, or just someone with a separate stomach for dessert, I’d recommend taking a walk through Ginza to digest and making your way to Kimuraya Ginza 木村家總本店. As the original anpan store, Kimuraya is one of my favorite places to grab dessert and breads-to-go. I’m a big fan of the Sakura Anpan as it has a salted cherry blossom leaf in the center of the bread which goes amazingly well with the sweet read bean paste.

If you have trouble finding the store, look for the Ginza Matsuya–it will be one street behind it. The store itself has a lovely wooden exterior, you can’t miss it!

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Ginza Sushi Marui
Address // 3 Chome-8-16 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
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