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在上海: Where to Breakfast like a Shanghai Localite

So you’re in Shanghai, a city where the pace of life is not for the slow-walkers or easy-goers. Restaurants on the city’s iconic riverside are all gorgeously situated with a view of the Bund. With the increasingly glitzy tastes of Shanghai locals, French cuisine is the undeniable crowd-favorite these days. But what if you want to have a taste of old Shanghai, the Shanghai where street food is validated by the amount of people waiting in line–including regulars that have visited these run-down food carts since childhood. Where do you go? Ignore the Micheline Stars Trek to downtown Shanghai where you can still taste authentic breakfast foods and see street vendors serve fresh orders of egg rolls, sticky rice shaomai, and more.

Shanghai Breakfast Guide:
  • This post features a street cart selling phenomenally cheap delicious egg wraps (鸡蛋饼馃子) adjacent to the Shanghai Notary Public Office on Feng Yang Road. It’s an early morning cart so get there before 11am before it switches over to lunch foods! Multiple locations (they’re all over the city).
  • First time in Shanghai? Beeline for 小楊生煎館 (Xiao Yang Sheng Jian Bao), one of my favorite go-to’s in Shanghai. Go for the  pan-fried dumplings. Crispy on the outside, and stuffed with juicy meat on the inside, they’re as tasty as it gets. Address: 97 Huanghe Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai
  • Try 永和大王 Yonghe King, a popular restaurant chain that will serve you all day breakfast. Don’t miss classic dishes like shao bing (crispy flatbread), you tiao (literally translates to ‘oil stick’, it’s practically a breakfast churro!), and beef noodles. The meat buns 肉包 are a classic as well. Multiple locations.
  • Don’t feel like Shanghai-style breakfast? (Slightly shocking because what’s not to love about fried carbs and meat? But that’s okay, I get it.) Grab some coffee and pastries at Baker and Spice, one of the best bakery chains in town. They have a good selection of danishes and sandwiches. Address: People’s Square store 300 HuaiHai ZhongLu. Multiple locations.

A stroll through downtown Shanghai in the winter–French Plane, trees that populate the roads of Shanghai, were holding onto their last few leaves when I visited


Pan-fried wraps stuffed with beef, cucumber and hoisin sauce–get these delicious and filling rolls whenever you can spot them!


Spotted: Pomegranate Juice!! Freshly pressed and delicious, they’re a treat (~$2)


An accidental nonetheless gorgeous picture of a random Shanghai road



Paparazzi shot of freshly steamed shumais and meat buns–Shanghai shumais 烧卖 are famous for being stuffed with pork sticky rice instead of the normal shrimp and pork. Hands down the best thing in town if you can find them!


The lady of the hour: an authentic breakfast cart. This breakfast lady served up an astonishing 50 breakfast-burrito like egg rolls in the 20 minutes I was in line.


All rolls get two fresh eggs beaten on it with a dash of scallion


You then get to choose your own toppings: peanuts? chili paste? herbs?


I added an oil stick  (equivalent of a savory churro in Chinese culture) to my egg roll. CARB-ALICIOUS!


and voila! A gigantic egg roll with a slight spicy kick–all for the amazing price of ~$3. Welcome to Shanghai.

Hungry yet? Good.

with love,
eatprayjade x.

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  1. I’d definitely recommend these too. I have had to put myself on a “Shanghai street-food ban” to avoid gaining weight x_x (because naturally, I can’t just help myself to just 1 serving…)

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