Month: December 2015

A Winter Trip to Asia: Shanghai, Tokyo, and Taipei

Hello friends and readers! I’m flying back to Asia tomorrow for 2 weeks and am ecstatic to go back to some of my favorite cities. Please let me know if you have any recommendations of places to go, bars to try, and new eats I have yet to explore! I’m sure these cities have changed a lot since the couple years I’ve been back so I’d appreciate any and all tips and suggestions. Have a wonderful and fabulous New Year! 365 pages down, which means it’s going to be a new chapter soon–thank you for reading and supporting my blog this year! Here’s a quick round up of my year so far in pictures:   love and warm wishes, eatprayjade x.

A Lavish Lunch Affair at Per Se

New Yorkers are spoiled by amazing food, whether it’s a simple bagel sandwich from the fantastic Tompkins Square Bagels or the endless restaurants nestled in Hell’s Kitchen. But a dining experience at Thomas Keller’s iconic three-Michelin establishment, Per Se, really sets the bar high for all my future meals. Located on the 4th floor of the Time Warner Center by Columbus Circle, Per Se has a gorgeous view of Central Park. Considered the East coast counterpart of Keller’s French Laundry, it is one of the few New York restaurants that boasts an impressive three Michelin Stars. Oh but the best part of it all — Oysters and Pearls, French Laundry’s signature dish, opens the prix fixe menu at Per Se as well. Sabayon of tapioca, oysters, and sterling white sturgeon caviar… Just writing about this dish feels luxurious! As we visited for lunch, we opted for the five course menu which still left us feeling very satisfied (my vegetarian friends/vegetable lovers: apparently Per Se has an impressive vegetarian prix fixe menu that wows even more than the regular!). Dessert really takes the cake at …