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New York to Tokyo: Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Hello New York City!

A new city, a new food adventure. Having finally moved here a couple weeks ago, New York City is a blur of weekdays and weekends in which the ultimate question is not what to eat, but instead, which one of the million eateries to step into. For a while, I couldn’t decide where to start blogging. Moment of truth: the two questions I asked myself everyday were 1) what’s for lunch? 2) what should be my first blog post?

But finally, I decided there is nothing more exciting (or indulgent) than a visit to New York City’s coveted patisserie, Dominique Ansel Kitchen. An airy cafe setting as opposed to its bakery counterpart, Dominique Ansel Kitchen is more than just a cronut-fad. From seasonal desserts like Fraises Des Bois to classic DKA’s, Dominique Ansel has created a dessert shop that is as trendy as it is delicious. Also, for my Tokyo readers, I heard the craze for the newly opened DAB means insane lines! Maybe when I go back to visit, I’ll muster up the patience to wait in line for it.

P.S. My roommate for the summer is actually working there as a rotational intern, so if you see a cheery face greeting you–remember to say hi!


Dominique Ansel Kitchen in West Village

(Unfortunately, I did not get to try the new soft-serve that Dominique Ansel rolled out this summer. I mean, burrata ice cream with balsamic caramel. That just sounds delicious already.)


Father’s Day, or more affectionatey known as Treat Your Father’s Day


Chef Jared patiently making a beautiful fraises des bois tart


Brown Sugar DKA’s (unlike the original ones at the bakery), are sprinkled with brown sugar in between the layers for that molasses crunch


Fraises des bois tart


Summer guilt tastes so good


Prosciutto Boursin Croissant




“People who give you their food, give you their heart.”


A dash of lavender, a dash of sun and a lot of good food


A beautiful welcome to New York City!

My first bite:

A croissant topped with creamy Boursin cheese and thinly sliced prosciutto.

My second bite:

A brown sugar DKA (short for Dominique Kouign Amann) that tastes like a caramelized croissant with a sprinkle of brown sugar crunch.

My third bite:

A fraises des bois tart, with fresh strawberries flown in from Malaga Spain; a burst of condensed summer flavors.

Without the crazy Bakery line, Dominique Ansel Kitchen is a fantastic people watching spot in West Village. Each bite is an unique reminder that Dominique Ansel is way more than its notorious Cronuts. The DKA is always a classic, and went perfectly with my cup of cold brew. But the fraises des bois (!!!)–it’s West Village’s must-try summer dessert (Buzzfeed should seriously feature a post about it). Who knew strawberries could taste so sweet and tart, like a burst of condensed summer flavors. These are limited and seasonal, so don’t miss out! Also, funnily enough, I did not get a chance to try the beautiful mille-feuille I used as the feature image–but to the lovely couple I met, thank you for letting me photograph your dessert. Running into people in New York City who’s actually read my blog is a weirdly exhilarating feeling!

Finally, to New Yorkers, delicious recommendations are welcome and very very much appreciated. The food scene in New York is wonderfully vibrant and I can only imagine how many local secrets there are.

eatprayjade x.

Dominique Ansel
Address // 137 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014
Website //
Phone // (212) 242-5111



  1. The mille-fueille looks amaaaaazing! If you love pastries, you will for sure love Tokyo. There are so many all around that of course, have lines that are hours long.

  2. Have you been to the Tokyo branch before? It always seems there’s always some new place setting up shop here every month, so it’s been hard keeping up with the newest shops.

    • No I have not! It opened while I was in New York, but I heard the lines were insane in Tokyo. Tokyo really has all the best dessert places–I remember when I was there last summer, the Max Brenner on Omotesando was always packed!

      • Lol yeah heard about that . People here do love their grand openings for sure. We now have a Clinton Street Baking Co. , and pretty soon the infamous Shake Shack will set up shop here next year. The lines will probably be as crazy as when they opened up Taco Bell in Shibuya.

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