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Hello Summer! Vienna, Salzburg, Hallstatt, and Budapest

Hello Summer!

A week and a half through the beautiful Austria and Hungary must mean endless cafes, delicious foods, and strolls through gorgeous towns. I’d love any recommendations on things to do, see, and eat. So send them my way, and I’ll be sure to write a lovely post on my last Europe travels before starting my job in New York City this month.

eatprayjade x.


  1. sacher torte! wow you’re traveling again, you jetsetter ;-D need to catch up on your posts!

  2. Check out the Aida coffee shops all around Vienna, they have the best cakes 😉

  3. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog!
    I hope I can help you with recommendations and that you have a great time here in Vienna.
    General tips:
    On Sundays nearly all the shops are closed so plan the shopping on some other day.
    Stand right on the escalator and you won’t anger any people who are in time-stress 😉
    Giving a tip has no strict rule, you can just round up the bill or give around 10%.
    Sight-seeing tips:
    Hundertwasserhaus (a red telephonebox from London can be found there!)
    Relax at Museumsquartier after having spend time in a museum of your preference.
    Discover and wander about the sidestreets in the first district to get a glimpse of the old Vienna.
    Bring some nuts for the cute squirrels at Schönbrunn.
    Food tips:
    Yummy ice-cream can be found all over Vienna but most of the good ones are located at or near Rotenturmstraße.
    A lot of good restaurants can be found at Naschmarkt.

    If you want to know more, feel free to ask me 🙂

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