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Woodberry Kitchen: Farm to Fork

Woodberry Kitchen is a Charm City favorite that follows the recent farm-to-table trend. With many Universities’ graduation dates coming up, families have been scrambling to make a reservation for this wildly popular restaurant. But is it worth the hype? Without a doubt, yes. Head Chef Spike Gjerde and his team behind Woodberry Kitchen are fantastic. They work wonders with their locally-sourced ingredients. From coveted Chesapeake Oysters to ‘Meatless Monday’ favorites like Grilled Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, Woodberry Kitchen boasts a delicious and seasonal menu.

Fun fact: Woodberry Kitchen, located in Clipper Mill, Baltimore, is situated in an old manufacturing factory 

Fun fact: Woodberry Kitchen, located in Clipper Mill, Baltimore, is situated in an old manufacturing factory

A large communal setting, airy and beautiful

A large communal setting, airy and beautiful


A delicious brunch menu means reservations are always tough on weekends


Bake Shop on a Board: cheddar scone, berry danish, and walnut muffin


Phenomenal Wheatberry Salad with shallot, basil, feta, cress, and tomato dressing


Cast-iron Buttermilk Pancake with sweet potato butter and nectarines


Morning Flatbread that will significantly cheer up your day!


One more close-up because it was that good


Hello Spring! Woodberry’s coveted outdoor seating

Sunday brunch is my favorite meal at Woodberry Kitchen (in general, it’s my favorite meal of the week anyways). Whoever came up with the Morning Flatbread, a tasty breakfast pizza finished with a cracked egg on top, is genius. And don’t even get me started on how brilliant those crispy potatoes on top of the caramelized onions are. Other interesting brunch choices include the Cast Iron Pancake garnished with sweet potato butter and nectarines. Yes, you read right. Pancake. Singular pancake! That’s because the cast iron skillet pancake is incredibly fluffy and dense (and filling). But for those that might not want a carbo-brunch (although trust me, you won’t regret this one), the Wheatberry Salad is a delicious alternative as well. The tomato and feta dressing is refreshing, and makes the dish taste like Spring in a bowl. Fun fact: Right next door to Woodberry Kitchen is Chef Gjerde’s rustic coffee house, Artifact Coffee (remember my post about it last Fall?). So naturally, post-meal coffee is a must–cheers!

Recently, I’ve been realizing how much I’m going to miss Baltimore’s diverse restaurants–I’m already working on my next post, on Hamden’s The Food Market. Get excited, because I have some great photos of tempura French Toast Dippers that’ll definitely make you hungry! So have you discovered your favorite farm-to-table restaurant yet?

eatprayjade x.

Woodberry Kitchen
Address // 2010 Clipper Park Rd #126, Baltimore, MD 21211
Tel // (410) 464-8000
Website //

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