Month: April 2015

Polish Your Brunch Game With These English Muffin Recipes

Hi Readers! I’ve recently become an Editor for SpoonUniversity, a student-led website that “covers everything from the best local restaurants to how to navigate your first kitchen and recover from a hangover, all written by people under 25.” My most recent post was on 7 Awesome New Ways to Eat English Muffins. Need help stepping up your brunch game? On a limited student budget? Check out the post and let me know how the recipes are!   love, eatprayjade x.

Woodberry Kitchen: Farm to Fork

Woodberry Kitchen is a Charm City favorite that follows the recent farm-to-table trend. With many Universities’ graduation dates coming up, families have been scrambling to make a reservation for this wildly popular restaurant. But is it worth the hype? Without a doubt, yes. Head Chef Spike Gjerde and his team behind Woodberry Kitchen are fantastic. They work wonders with their locally-sourced ingredients. From coveted Chesapeake Oysters to ‘Meatless Monday’ favorites like Grilled Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, Woodberry Kitchen boasts a delicious and seasonal menu. Sunday brunch is my favorite meal at Woodberry Kitchen (in general, it’s my favorite meal of the week anyways). Whoever came up with the Morning Flatbread, a tasty breakfast pizza finished with a cracked egg on top, is genius. And don’t even get me started on how brilliant those crispy potatoes on top of the caramelized onions are. Other interesting brunch choices include the Cast Iron Pancake garnished with sweet potato butter and nectarines. Yes, you read right. Pancake. Singular pancake! That’s because the cast iron skillet pancake is incredibly fluffy and dense (and filling). But for those that might not want a carbo-brunch …

Afternoon Tea in West Village: Bosie Tea Parlor & Patisserie Claude

Hello Spring! In the words of Taylor Swift, “nice to meet you, where you been?” Now that it’s finally warming up, spring days with beautiful sun hats, nice walks in the park, and afternoon tea dates don’t feel that far away. So, to celebrate the upcoming spring blooms, here are two cozy afternoon tea places in New York City’s West Village. After all, where better to await spring than tea parlors and patisseries? Bosie Tea Parlor Bosie Tea Parlor has been a New York staple of mine for a while–it’s low-key, has an artsy vibe, and serves great finger sandwiches. The traditional afternoon tea set isn’t over the top, and comes with a wide range of fresh macarons you can choose from. The table’s favorite was the salted caramel macaron, but the lavender macaron was also really lovely. Plus, Bosie’s Earl Grey Mille Crepe is just delicious! If you like subtly sweet desserts, you’ll definitely enjoy the fluffy layers of earl grey creme. And since Bosie is first and foremost a tea parlor after all, remember to pair your desserts with a cup of perfectly brewed tea before settling in for a relaxing afternoon. So next time …