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Siamese Charm: Author’s Lounge in Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Stepping into Author’s Lounge at Bangkok’s Mandarin Oriental will transport you back to a time when afternoon tea was first and foremost, an indulgence. Visited by notable literary authors such as Joseph Conrad, this Bangkok establishment is a celebrity favorite in Asia. Plus, if you’ve never tried a Traditional “Thai” Tea Set (I certainly didn’t until then!), there’s no place quite like Author’s Lounge. First, the House Blend Black Tea at Author’s Lounge deserves a special mention. If you’re a coffee person like me, you’ll know why it requires a great cup of tea to truly impress! Tea aside, the Pandan scone with touches of ginger was just amazing. Still warm and fresh from the oven, the scone incorporates traditional Thai ingredients wonderfully. Don’t forget to smother on a thick layer of clotted cream and jam for an extra touch of creaminess!

The traditional afternoon tea set was definitely delicious, but for first-timers, I’d highly recommend the Thai Tea Set. It incorporates a lot of fun and traditional Thai desserts such as Tong Yip (an egg yolk tart), Khanom Duang (sticky tapioca and coconut milk+shreds), and Takoh (coconut cream jelly). Plus, it comes with a Pandan-Coconut macaron which I adored!

As always, I’ll let the following pictures do the rest of the talking x.

Author’s Lounge, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok



The afternoon tea menu illustrating each course of the Traditional and Thai Tea Sets



A greenhouse like tea room with beautiful blooms everywhere in the room



Jim Thompson-styled design in the lounge



A classic cup of black tea



The Traditional Afternoon Tea Set and the Thai Tea Set side by side!

 Traditional Tea Set



Traditional Tea Set: scones, cakes, finger sandwiches


Top tier: English fruit cake and chocolate apricot cake



Second Tear: fruit tart, little cakes, chocolate tart, and coffee mousse



Bottom Tier: smoked salmon sandwich, savory proscuitto tart, and spinach turnover



Classic smoked salmon sandwich, up close and beautiful!



Smoked ham and tomato sandwich with honeydew melon



Mini chocolate fleur de sel –my favorite!

 Thai Tea Set



The Thai Afternoon Tea Set!



Top Tier: Pandan scone, sweet cakes, and cake marinated in citrus



Thai cakes, coconut macaron, and traditional thai rice snacks



Delicious twist on Thai sandwiches+lobster roll



A delicious coconut pandan leaf macaron!



Spiced corn in puff pastry shell



A delicious mix of Turmeric chicken on top of a rice cake



My absolute favorite: Pandan scone with clotted cream and jam. Absolutely delicious!



And lastly, the sweetest man serenading the room as you relax your afternoon away

Time flies by so fast! Mizuha and I returned from our trip a couple weeks ago and my Thailand round-up post still isn’t up (I blame my busy schedule for it!). But when it is up, it’ll include delicious street foods from Bangkok’s famous Chatuchak Weekend Market as well as island snacks on Ko Samui.

Stay tuned and stay warm!

eatprayjade x.

Author’s Lounge, The Mandarin Oriental
Address // 48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Phone // +66 (2)  659 9000
Website //

*To get to Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok: Take the BTS, to Saphan Taksin station and get on the Mandarin Oriental Boat (it’s part of the experience!)


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