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Holiday Brunch at Clinton St. Baking Co.

Happy New Years!

Top of my 2015 New Years Resolutions List was exploring more popular food spots so in the spirit of that, I squeezed in a holiday brunch with my family at Clinton St. Baking Company recently. This popular Lower East Side shop is known for its delicious blueberry pancakes, Belgian waffles, and brunch overall. I first heard about Clinton St. Baking Company in Tokyo this summer actually. But I also quickly learned that Tokyo’s pancake craze means delicious pancakes only if you can endure enormously long waits–after all, lines can go for hours at this popular brunch spot!

But, what girl doesn’t love a delicious stack of pancakes? I seriously appreciate brunch with great pancakes, especially if they fit my golden rule: fluffy on the inside with slightly crispy sides. So this time, despite the hour wait (which was much shorter than the one in Tokyo I’m sure!), I persevered. A new year means renewed strength to wait for good brunch right?


Bright and early at 9am, there’s already a line outside the popular breakfast spot



The best thing you can hear when you’re hungry and waiting in line? “It’s worth the wait!”



Hot apple cider with a dash of cinnamon



Classic Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake



Clinton Street Omelet



Our lovely and packed brunch table



Brioche French Toast with maple butter, caramelized pecans and banana brûlée



A piece of banana brûlée with each french toast bite is a winning combination



Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon



Eggs Benedict with maple cured ham and peppers



Vanilla Waffle with caramelized and spiced pears, praline, and cinnamon whipped cream



A perfect stack of Chocolate Chunk Pancakes with warm maple butter



St. Clinton Bakery’s Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes are absolutely fantastic and well worth the wait



Sharing is caring–blueberry pancakes for the table!



Warm maple butter over a bite of slightly crispy pancakes filled with fresh blueberries

Hands down, Clinton St. Baking Company is delicious–the cosy restaurant was super lively by 10am with plates and plates of pancakes, french toasts, and waffles coming out one after the other. If you love the smell of warm buttery goodness, you’ll know why I loved chatting with my family members as we waited to be seated. We ordered the most popular items on the menu, ranging from the popular blueberry pancakes to classic egg benedicts. I loved the warm apple cider I started out with, especially because it went beautifully with the Vanilla Waffle with spiced pear and crispy pecans. The Brioche French Toast was also delicious with the banana brûlée and maple butter. And yes, the maple butter! Probably my favorite part of brunch, other than the pancakes themselves! Not surprisingly, the highly-anticipated chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes were perfectly fluffy and crispy. Paired with Clinton St. Baking Company’s maple butter, just perfect.

Love the pancakes, loved the atmosphere, and definitely loved having a holiday brunch with my family. Clinton St. Baking Company is a winning breakfast and brunch spot for those who are willing to wait for it!

eatprayjade x.

Clinton St. Baking Company
Address // 4 Clinton Street, New York, NY
Website //
Tel // (646) 602-6263

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