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The Beauty of Artifact Coffee

Coffee shops are best on Sunday afternoons when you need a space to relax in before the beginning of another week. Artifact Coffee, a spinoff of Baltimore’s widely acclaimed Woodberry Kitchen, is a lovely place to do just that. I visited Artifact Coffee for a late lunch with my friend Sarika and absolutely loved the hipster decorations. With a spacious interior, Artifact Coffee offers freshly baked goods, an interesting mix of coffee drinks (lavender latte anyone?), and a great all day menu. Plus, if you don’t want to sit, they also have island bar tables you can stand and chat at–a reminder of my favorite coffee bars in Italy.


Entrance of Artifact Coffee–just a stones throw away from Woodberry Kitchen!

photo 4

Perfect place to grab coffee and do some work in the afternoon 

photo 5

Hipster decorations and fairy lights!


A summer special: Lavender Honey Latte


King Crimson Ice Tea

photo 5

Cold peanut-sauced noodles with radish, pickled kohlrabi, cabbage, cucumber, and benne seeds.

photo 3

A bite of the summery cold noodles.

photo 2

Vegetable Banh Mi with tofu sticks (one of the tastiest vegetarian banh mi I’ve ever had!)

photo 1

Pastrami on rye bread with sauerkraut, caramelized onions, swiss, and thousand island dressing.

photo 4

I loved Artifact’s random paintings–they were all so fun to look at!

photo 5

Magazines and bulletins to glance at while you’re drinking your coffee at the bar tables.

photo 2

Coffee Cake–Artifact Coffee is known for its baked goods, so don’t miss it!

photo 3

And lastly, the remnants of a fun afternoon.

I had a sweettooth the afternoon I went so I ordered one of Artifact’s summer specials–a lavender honey latte. With a light aftertaste of lavender and honey blended into the creamy coffee so wonderfully, it’s a great ice coffee choice. I also highly recommend Artifact’s Vegetable Banh Mi, especially for those that enjoy sweetly-glazed tofu sticks. And of course, any of their in-house cakes and fresh pastries is a must-have with your coffee too!

Coffee shops are great places because there’s beauty in their simplicity. So in the spirit of simplicity, here’s a quote from an author I enjoy:

“The greatest ideas are the simplest.”- William Golding

with love,

eatprayjade x.


Artifact Coffee
Address // 1500 Union Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211
Website //
Telephone // (410) 235-1881 


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