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Phenomenal Sushi at Tokyo’s Umegaoka Sushi-no Midori 梅丘寿司の美登利

If you’re in Tokyo, queuing at 4am for Tsukiji Fish Market’s iconic Sushi Daiwa should definitely be on your bucket list. That being said, if you want to sneak a couple more hours of sleep in, Umegaoka Sushi-no Midori is the delicious alternative you should head to instead. It definitely was one of the freshest and best price-quality sushi I’ve had in Tokyo–and yes, I’ve queued for Sushi Daiwa at wee hours of the morning! With multiple branches in Tokyo, Umegaoka Sushi-no Midori’s Shibuya branch is on the 4th floor of Shibuya Mark City. During peak hours and weekends, queues can go up to 90 minutes so come early on a weekday to grab a bar seat–this way, you’ll see up-close some sushi magic being made!

I ordered the Ultimate Sushi Assortment and my friend the Maguro Assortment (different cuts of tuna)–both of which I highly recommend. But if you don’t like some of the more adventurous ingredients like uni (sea urchin) or ikura (salmon roe), opt for the Maguro Assortment and just savor how each bite of raw tuna+sushi rice can be so phenomenal.

photo 5

Umegaoka Sushi-no Midori 梅丘寿司の美登利 on the 4th floor of Shibuya’s Mark City, a 5 minute walk from the Shibuya JR station

photo 1

Table seats are available if you have a larger party–but be prepared to wait!

photo 2

If you’re in a smaller group (1~2) definitely opt for the bar seats to see the sushi magic up-close! This way you’ll have a nice chat with the cheery chefs too

photo 2

Amazingly fresh sushi: Hotate (scallop), Toro (fatty cut of tuna), and Amaebi (sweet shrimp) nigiri

photo 1

The Ultimate Sushi Assortment also comes with 2 pieces of sweet tamagoyaki (egg omelette)

photo 4

The Maguro (Tuna) Set: from skinny cuts of Tuna to fatty Tuna belly, it definitely rivals the freshness of Tsukiji Market’s famous sushi stores

photo 5

Tuna Maki rolls with chopped scallions on top

photo 3

Our friendly and humorous chef I adored–I’ve been here twice and both times I’ve managed to sit on the far left corner with my multi-lingual sushi master!

photo 1

Tuna Temaki with scallions sprinkled on top

photo 3

If you order Aburi Salmon (seared salmon nigiri), they’ll do it right in front of you!

photo 2

Sweet shrimp and raw crab sushi–these were definite highlights! Extremely fresh, they were the type of instantly-melt-in-your-mouth sushi

photo 3

My favorite rolls: Shirasu with ginger (baby sardines), Ikura Gunkan (Salmon Roe), and Uni (Sea Urchin)

photo 4

Anago being served!

photo 5

A generous slice of Anago, saltwater eel. This was sweet and yummy–if you love the texture of unagi or anago, definitely don’t miss this!

photo 2

And lastly, a nice blend of summer citrus jelly+goji to end off the sushi feast

photo 4

Take out from the side of store is also available if you’re on the run

photo 4

Enjoy a post-dinner stroll in Shibuya’s scramble crossing afterwards

Umegaoka Sushi-no Midori is definitely a steal for less than 3,000yen per person (unless you order a couple extra beers to enjoy your sushi with). Lines can be long on the weekends, so make sure you grab a ticket at the automated machine in front of the store before waiting in line! Personally, I preferred the bar seats more–especially since the sushi chef on the far left is by far the most friendly and funny Japanese chef I’ve met. He’s picked up enough basics of many languages to have a casual conversation with you–Korean, Chinese, English, etc. If you’re lucky you might get to enjoy his witty comments as he prepares each part of the course!

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking and sushi praising.

eatprayjade x.

Umegaoka Sushi-no Midori
Address // Shibuya Mark City East Mall 4th Floor, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel // 03-5458-0002
Website //


  1. A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case a million bites. Love the blog and will be back for more Tokyo tips for my upcoming trip!

    Miss Spaist

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    • Thanks for stopping by! And yes indeed, a million bits of sushi would be phenomenal 🙂 definitely check it out because it’s worth every minute of the wait.


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    • Thank you for reading and I hope you do get to stop by Tokyo’s Shibuya area again! Or even better, if you get a chance, visit Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market for some really fresh sushi!


  4. I loved your blog and will revisit in future for more.
    Thank you for liking my blog at
    Dinesh Agrawal.


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