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Brunching with Gorgeous Blooms at Nicolai Bergmann’s NOMU Cafe

Claude Monet was famous for referring to flowers as the raison d’être for many of his masterpieces. As he once said, “I must have flowers, always, and always.” Stepping into Nicolai Bergmann‘s store in Aoyama would convince anyone that is true. I don’t have much experience with flower arrangements but it’s easy to be awed by Nicolai Bergmann’s signature flower boxes and contemporary floral arrangements.

A short walk from Omotesando Station, NOMU Cafe is a popular weekend brunch and afternoon tea spot located right in Nicolai Bergmann’s flagship store. Not only do you get to peruse gorgeous arrangements before your meal (check out his signature flower box if you’re looking for a nice gift), you’ll also get to dine amidst all the vibrant blooms! Alternatively, outdoor seating is also available in the flower-pavilion if you want to soak in the Tokyo sun on a good day.

photo 5

Copenhagen-based floral designer Nicolai Bergmann in Aoyama

photo 4

The store sells Nicolai Bergmann’s flowers and design book: Future Bloom

photo 2

The gorgeous floral design store is filled with arrangements of all kinds

photo 2

Nicolai Bergmann’s Classic Fresh Flower boxes–a perfect flowery gift

photo 1

NOMU Cafe is right in the Nicolai Bergmann’s flower shop–with bright windows and lots of flowers, it’s extremely popular on the weekends for a light brunch and afternoon tea

photo 3

The communal area is airy and popular for families–we saw many strollers and dates enjoying Sunday brunch together

photo 5

A happy Mizuha soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the lovely flowers as we waited for our table

photo 1

Fresh flower arrangements and bouquets are also available for purchase and gifting right at the back of the store

photo 2

NOMU Cafe’s cake selection–the Carrot Cake and Banana Cream cake looked phenomenal!

photo 4

Our communal table with fresh flower arrangements

photo 3

Freshly pressed apple+pear+ginger juice (it reminded me of my favorite juice cafe in London, Joe & the Juice). Juice to-go is also available if you’re on the run

photo 1

Smørbrød of the Day! They’re fresh Danish open sandwiches: one with smoked Salmon and Egg Salad, and the other with avocado+tomato+mozarella. The set also comes with a nice salad on the side.

photo 2

The salmon Smørbrød was amazing–especially since dark rye bread, something I’ve been craving for, is hard to find in Tokyo

photo 4

NOMU Cafe’s Soup of the Day: Cream of Tomato and Mushroom Soup

photo 1

{Updated} I returned this afternoon for a nice afternoon snack and read. Their fruit bowl was a summery blend of fresh grapefruit, berries, and apples–definitely recommend it!

photo 2

{Updated} Close up of the summer fruit bowl with freshly whipped cream

photo 3

{Updated} My shades looked bright and colorful on top of the floral table this afternoon when I returned, so I couldn’t resist a close-up!

photo 3

And just some gorgeous blooms because I loved all the colors in the shop

photo 1

Vibrant yellow orchids I adored

photo 2

Nicolai Bergmann’s signature flower boxes–I definitely will be back to buy one for a special occasion!

photo 5

And lastly, Rose Preserved-Flower box sets

Mizuha and I met up again to go have a light brunch this Sunday–having explored Kagurazaka last weekend, we opted for the Scandinavian-style NOMU Cafe in order to explore the Aoyama area afterwards. Walking into Nicolai Bergmann, we instantly fell in love with its vibrant flower arrangements. In particular, its signature flower boxes looked like the perfect gift for a housewarming or birthday, so I’ll definitely be back to buy one next time!

The connected NOMU Cafe was very popular when we walked in midday so for 30 minutes we perused the shop’s various flowers, cards, and decorations. Once we were seated at the communal-style table, Mizuha and I decided to share NOMU Cafe’s Danish open sandwiches with some soup and freshly pressed juices. I love juice bars so finding cafes that have fantastic smoothies and juices is a definite plus! The rye bread sandwiches were really yummy too if you enjoy light sandwiches with a fresh salad on the side.  Mizuha’s soup of the day came with two slick slices of rye bread and looked very hearty if you prefer something hot instead. Lastly, for dessert, NOMU Cafe’s cake selection looked delicious for afternoon-tea goers. I’ll definitely be trying a thick slice of their Carrot Cake next time since I saw many tables ordering it after their meal.

If you’re in the Aoyama/Omotesando area, I’d definitely recommend dropping by Nicolai Bergmann and NOMU Cafe for some juice and sandwiches. It’s a perfect place to escape the summer heat and to just soak in some lovely blooms. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

eatprayjade x.

Nicolai Bergmann
Address // Japan, 〒107-0061 Tokyo, Minato, Minamiaoyama, 5 Chome−7-2
Telephone // +81 3-5464-0743
Website //


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