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Aussie Breakfastin’ at Bills in Omotesando

Bill Granger really knows how to make a delicious breakfast to brighten my morning! Having tried his famous ricotta hotcakes before in Notting Hill’s Granger and Co., I was determined to repeat the delicious experience in Tokyo. But, as all serious Tokyo brunch and breakfast lovers already know, the line for Bills in Tokyo’s posh Omotesando area is notoriously long (up to 3-4 hours!). Located on the 7th floor of Tokyu Plaza, a space-fortress like complex designed by award-winning architect Hiroshi Nakamura, Bills is nestled within the Plaza’s ‘Omohara Forest.’ In other words, breakfasting or brunching at Bills Omotesando is both a delicious and gorgeous experience. So if you want to check out Bill Granger’s Omotesando branch, an early start is a must!

My friend Sam, who’s been studying at Sophia University for the past semester, met me bright and early at 9am for this breakfast of champs. And to my not-so-secret delight, we managed to get a table right away. Within minutes of us sitting down, the friendly staff (fluent in both Japanese and English) took our orders and prepared our drinks. Sharing Bills’ famous Full Aussie Breakfast and Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter and Fresh Bananas, we decided to treat ourselves to some bellinis. (A quick shout out to Sam, who’s been living on the other side of the world & speaking a completely different language for the past couple of months! Thanks for being such an awesome breakfast partner, get ready for round #2!)

photo 1

Bills 表参道’s menu has all of the classic Bill Granger masterpieces

photo 2

An artsy corner in Bills, filled with books–I definitely want to snag a seat there next time

photo 4

A completely packed Bills at 9:30 in the morning!

photo 5

Huge windows overlooking Tokyu Plaza’s ‘Omohara Forest,’ Bills’ simple design is clearly a crowd-pleaser with all the Tokyoites

If you love pancakes, french toast, waffles, or all of the above, you’ll absolutely adore these ricotta hotcakes. They’re not as sweet as you expect and the ricotta makes the pancakes extra fluffy. The honeycomb butter is key. My second time around was just as phenomenal as my first time at Granger and Co.– so yes, I can see why celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, and Nicole Kidman love Bill Granger’s breakfasts!

photo 3

Bills’ signature dish: Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter and Bananas

photo 5

Yes, we treated ourselves to a morning bellini with it!

photo 2

Close up shot of the hotcakes. Just imagine all that honeycomb butter and ricotta melting into one mouthful of amazingness

Bills really has the sweet breakfast items down–but for those who love sausage and eggs for breakfast, Bill Granger does savory just as well. After all, super creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs are also the restaurant’s specialty. You have the option of getting it with just toast, or the whole breakfast platter. Even though it’s slightly pricier, I’d recommend trying the Full Aussie Breakfast, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

photo 1

The savory Full Aussie Breakfast is truly a hearty breakfast of champs

photo 3

The full breakfast includes crisp bacon strips, sausages, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms

photo 1

But of course, the highlight was the creamy scrambled eggs–I loved it with some extra dashes of pepper

photo 2

Want to know more about Bill Granger? Here’s a whole bookshelf for you

photo 3

View of Bills from the Omohara Forest–prime outdoor seating on a sunny day!

photo (11)

Tokyu Plaza’s Omohara Forest overlooking the entire Omotesando area–I really love this Hiroshi Nakamura design!

Cheers to my first blog post in Tokyo! I’m super excited to spend the summer interning in Tokyo at the Dhillon Marty Foundation. In between work and polishing my Japanese, I’ll be cafe hunting and food exploring so I’d love to hear about your recommendations for all types of food in Tokyo!

love, eatprayjade x.

Address // Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 7F 4-30-3 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Telephone // +81 3-5772-1133
Website //


  1. Yummy! I’m not a fan of ricotta but maybe I should try. Honeycomb? Interesting! Now here’s the funny part. As soon as I saw all those stacked books, I wondered how they were secured against earthquakes!

    Good luck with your internship! What an incredible opportunity.

    • Thank you! I’m actually not a huge fan of ricotta either but it was actually really good. Think of it as extra fluffiness added to the pancakes! (And that’s a great question actually haha)

  2. I’ve been to Omohara Forest but I’ve never eaten at Bills. (Yeah, I don’t remember what exactly I was doing there… haha) Bills is definitely on my list of places to check out though! Those Ricotta Hotcakes look divine! Thanks for the info 🙂

    *PS. You have a lovely blog!

    • Thank you for dropping by! Definitely check out Bills, despite how popular it is, I think it’s actually rather nice on an early morning weekday. I really enjoy reading your blog (and instagram!), you take really gorgeous pictures.

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