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Sweet tooth haven in Covent Garden!

photo 4

Don’t miss Covent Garden’s amazing outdoor market!

photo 5

Crusting Pipe is always a party! Live music anybody?

photo 1-2

Absolute sweet tooth haven right here

photo 2-2

Cupcakes galore!!

photo 5-1

Amazing looking personal cakes (I’m determined to try the Victoria Sponge sometime)

photo 4-2

The stand-out bright rainbow cake attracted a line of people

photo 3-2

Popular chorizo sandwiches

photo 2

Teacup stand with lovely looking fudge!

photo 3-3

The famous Ben’s Cookies ft. TRIPLE chocolate chip

photo 2-3

Classic chocolate chip!

photo 4-3

..and of course, Covent Garden’s Laduree!!

photo 5-2

My lovely floral macaroon treats: Rose, Lemon Verbena, and Marie-Antoinette

Happy Thursdays! Since being in London, I’ve looked forward to Thursday luncheons with two of my favorite girl friends I’ve met through LSE classes, Michela and Haruka. It’s easy to become instant best friends with girls who 1) share my love for sweets 2) Asian food 3) and on top of that, can speak Chinese and Japanese with me!

As we normally have Dim Sum or Japanese food, we decided to change it up and go have Thai food this week. Busaba Eatthai is one of our favorite Thai restaurant chains in London and as always it didn’t disappoint. But the highlight today was afterwards, when we went on a coffee and dessert hunt in Covent Garden. Even though I’ve been in London for nearly a year, Covent Garden–crowded with thousands of tourists and street entertainers–still remains exciting every time I go. Be sure to check out Covent Garden’s outdoor market! Catch it on a sunny day, (or even cloudy like today) and you’ll find lots of stalls packed with people buying fresh sandwiches, cupcakes, paella, etc. And if you’re a food market lover, it’ll be all your favorite street vendors packed into one area: absolutely fantastic.

So I’ll keep this post short and sweet, but don’t forget to stop by Covent Garden’s outdoor market when you’re in the area!

P.S. Laduree and Ben’s Cookies are popular staple dessert choices. But that doesn’t make them any less awesome (Ben’s Cookies’ TRIPLE chocolate chip cookie is to die for)!!!

love, eatprayjade x.


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