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Peter Gordon’s Kopapa: ‘building to store food’


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Kopapa (Maori for ‘building to store food’) is located right by Covent Garden, in the heart of the Seven Dials

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Prime outdoor seating area for gorgeous sunny days

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Thanks to Peter Gordon’s Maori heritage and innovative cooking, Kopapa has amazingly fresh breakfasts and smoothies

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A well stocked bar with baked goods in the mornings

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In love with Kopapa’s fusion breakfast menu

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Talia’s Spirulina Smoothie (despite its color, it was really tasty!)

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Mixed fruit salad with apples, pineapples, bananas, and mixed berries

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Organic oat and soy milk porridge with chopped hazelnuts, vanilla poached figs, and milk chocolate (!!!!!)


Spiced banana french toast with bacon, orange blossom labne, tamarind raisin relish & orange vanilla syrup

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Turkish Eggs: 2 poaches eggs with whipped yogurt, chili butter, and toast on the side

If you want some amazing smoothies and fresh seasonal items, Peter Gordon’s Kopapa is the perfect breakfast spot. Located right in the up and coming Seven Dials area, Kopapa is best enjoyed on a sunny day–so be sure to snag an outdoors seat if you can!

Bright and early, I could not think of a better person to grab breakfast with than my good friend Talia, who is my partner in crime on the weekends when we go on morning runs and then splurge sessions on market foods. Eating with Talia, who is gluten and dairy free, has also opened my eyes to a whole new world of eating–one I will definitely be blogging about later (but essentially, frequent trips to Whole Foods and our favorite vegetarian restaurant, Food for Thought, are inescapable weekly routines!)

While we weren’t able to grab an outdoor seating this morning, do try to snag one if you’re lucky to find any open spot! People watching in the Seven Dials should be on Timeout London in my opinion. Anyways, Talia and I decided to start off with some coffee and smoothies–both drinks Kopapa do fabulously. My personal favorite is their lovely Flat White, roasted by Monmouth Coffee of course. It’s a must-have if you go to Kopapa for sure. Talia ordered their Spirulina Smoothie which was really tasty; especially since Kopapa’s smoothies are all sweetened with maple syrup.  If the Spirulina color is a little daunting, do try their Mixed Berries Smoothie which is also amazing (my friend who introduced me to Kopapa absolutely adores it).

For food, Talia ordered Kopapa’s mixed fruit salad with 2 poached eggs on the side. Simple as it sounds, the apples, pineapples, and dashes of wild berries looked extremely fresh. And as I always say, how well a restaurant poaches their egg says a lot about their food! Which brings me to Kopapa’s famous Turkish eggs. They are poached bundles of creamy spiciness, perfect to eat with/on toast. This is Peter Gordon’s fusion cuisine at its best–whipped yogurt, poached eggs, and hot chili butter in one flavorful explosion. If you want something sweet, Kopapa’s soy oatmeal with chunks of hazelnuts, milk chocolate and vanilla infused figs is out of this world. It’s like oats, milk chocolate, and hazelnuts had a love affair. Just awesome–and really really hearty! And lastly, if you feel like REALLY treating yourself, get the spiced banana french toast with bacon and orange vanilla syrup. As I tell everybody that hesitate when ordering something indulgent, you only live once right?

Don’t miss out on Kopapa’s breakfast–it’s the perfect breakfast spot to savor a warming-up London summer.

love, eatprayjade x.

Address // 32-34 Monmouth St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9HA
Telephone Number // +44 20 7240 6076
Website //

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