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‘sawadee ka’ from Thiwanya!

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authentic Thai cuisine right by LSE campus

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cozy restaurant with a nice view of Lincoln’s Inn Fields

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the girls’ favorite: beef pad thai

spicy duck curry

spicy duck curry

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revision cheers!

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gluay ping: thai-style grilled bananas+coconut

pandan pancake

bright green pandan pancake anybody?

Sunny London makes everything better: the traffic, the people, just everything! After one of my last language classes at LSE, a couple of my Japanese classmates and I decided to try out the Thai restaurant right by LSE campus. Chirpier than usual, and definitely hungrier, we were excited to find Thiwanya had all our favorite selections of authentic Thai cuisine.

The spicy duck curry was nice and creamy–if you’re a red-curry lover, you will definitely enjoy this dish. Personally, I find Thai spices and thinly sliced grilled duck to be my favorite order at every Thai restaurant I go to! The beef pad thai was also amazing with the ground peanuts and bean sprouts (although I would’ve liked it a little spicier). Paired with some nice Thai beer (the Singha and the Chang) we were overall really satisfied with our main courses.

Of course, we were definitely not going to finish the meal without dessert. After all, one of my good friends is French, and we all know the French know best how to enjoy a full course dinner! The Thai-grilled bananas smothered in coconut milk, also known as Gluay Ping, had a nice stickiness to it paired with vanilla ice cream. But of the two, the pandan pancake was the definite winner! I’ve never quite had a Thai-style pancake before, but we agreed the pandan added a nice fragrance to the crepe-like dessert.

Definitely check out Thiwanya if you’re by Holborn, or if you’re even an LSE student! Not only was the food good, the restaurant was cozy and very gorgeous inside. The meal came out to 15 pounds per person, and we were really really satisfied.

P.S. My French friend Cyrus told me at the end of the meal there is a perfect French phrase to describe my love for food, “Tu es gourmande!” I think I’m going to take it as a compliment xx.

love, eatprayjade x.

Address // 10 Gate Street, Holborn, WC2A 3HP
Website // 
Telephone Number // +44 20 7404 2126

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