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a little piece of Tokyo in Koya Bar こやバー

traditional entrance way in soho

Koya’s traditional entrance way

simple and clean

simple and clean

it's all about you, your food, and your chef: the japanese way

it’s all about you, your food, and your chef: the japanese way

photo 2 (14)

cold udon with vegetable and prawn tempura

photo 1 (14)

kinoko nametake (marinated mushrooms)

Koya Bar has been one of my favorite finds in London’s Soho area. The authentic Japanese bar seatings, with its traditional fare of Japanese breakfast in the morning, it’s perfect if you’re craving some udon noodles or kuro kakuni (honey braised pork belly).

As today was one of London’s rare sunny days, I was craving some cold noodles to celebrate the gorgeous day. It was a hard decision, but I ended up getting Koya’s Tenzaru Udon (prawn and vegetable tempura) with a side of Kinoko Nametake (marinated mushrooms). The udon was chewy and refreshing, absolutely perfect with the sesame, ginger, and sweet soy dipping sauce. The vegetable tempura was good too, but the prawn tempura was absolutely amazing! I loved how the crispy batter didn’t overwhelm the sweet prawn. If you love sweet and salty dishes, the marinated mushrooms were also a great pick.

Koya Bar is perfect if you’re looking for a bowl of noodles, some small dishes, and an authentic taste of Tokyo.

Address // 49 Frith St, London W1D 4SG
Phone Number // +44 20 7434 4463
Website //

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